(as) jober as a sudge

A humorous misstatement of the expression "as sober as a judge" intended to sound like it was pronounced by a drunk person. The phrase is often used to imply that someone is not sober. Oh yeah, she's as jober as a sudge—I mean, she's up on the stage doing karaoke right now!
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(as) jober as a sudge

(ˈdʒobɚ æz ə ˈsədʒ)
mod. sober. (A deliberate spoonerism on (as) sober as a judge.) Me? I’m as jober as a sudge.
See also: jober, sudge

jober as a sudge

See also: jober, sudge
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The French cast stars Margot Bancilhon, Laurent Lucas, Stephane Jober, but also has major guest appearances from film stars like Nathalie Baye and Jeremie Renier.
Damascus Countryside, SANA- Few hours later, the towns of Ein Tarma, Jober, Erbin and Zamalka in the Eastern Ghouta will be declared free of terrorism and safe areas, SANA reporter said.
By: MENA LONDON - 25 June 2017: The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that clashes were renewed between militants of fighting factions and regime forces in Jober axis, with no casualties reported.
The mission "cannot confidently determine whether or not a chemical was used as a weapon" by militants in the Jober area on Aug 29, 2014, it said.
Intensive clashes and shelling taking place also in Jober near Damascus and surrounding villages said.
The also committees documented 463 points shelled in Syria, clashes between the Free Army and the regime forces in 154 points of clashes from regime forces were compelled stop their advance or retreat in Jober neighborhood and also the targeting of officers residences in Kuwayris airbase by means of mortar shells which achieved direct hits.
The army has been fighting the terrorists in Jober, Barzeh and al-Qaboun towns in Reef Damascus after regaining control over the strategic town of al-Atibeh earlier, the Arabic-language Arabi Press news reported.
I think it's got a name, this place, Six pints will help me judge, So why's it even harder still I'm as jober as a sludge!
Last Thursday we went to Jober as a Sudge, an event hosted by L&H, one of the oldest and most famous societies in UCD.
According to the source, one breach was observed in Jober in Damascus Countryside through opening sniper fire, another was witnessed in Lattakia as the armed groups targeted with machinegun fire Rwaiset Rasho and a third one in the northern Homs countryside as Kafer Nan village was targeted with machinegun fire and mortar shells.
Meanwhile, Syria Direct Agency said five regime soldiers were killed in Jober Al-Demashqia front, after clashes with Al-Rahman battalions.
The army killed four terrorists, and injured six others in an attack on their hideout near al-Taqavi University in Jober district of Damascus.
On the outskirts of the capital city of Damascus, the continuing air campaign on Jober, Zamalka and Zabadai neighborhoods resulted in dozens of casualties and a large-scale material damage.