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blow jive

tv. to smoke marijuana. (see also jive.) Man, let’s go out and blow some jive!
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1. n. drugs; marijuana. (see also gyve.) That jive is gonna be the end of you.
2. n. back talk. Don’t you give me any of that jive!
3. n. lies; deception; nonsense. No more of your jive. Talk straight or don’t talk.
4. mod. deceptive; insincere. I listened to her little jive speech and then fired her.

jive talk

n. slang; contemporary fad words. I like to hear jive talk. It’s like trying to work a puzzle.
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jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
See also: jive, turkey


mod. foolish. (Usually objectionable.) You can tell that jive-ass jerk to forget it.

pull jive

tv. to drink liquor. (see also jive.) Let’s go pull jive for a while.
See also: jive, pull
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Pic tries to wring laughs from the jivey wordplay and broadly comic hijinks of the car wash ensemble.
This time around, the "weird sisters"-- two of them male, actually -- are a jivey trio who cut a rug while Macbeth and his Lady embark upon separate but equal collapse, culminating in an "I have lived long enough" from the title character that comes steeped in spiritual enervation.
Schematic, soap-opera relationships and jivey, transatlantic-Cockney dialogue are as unconvincing as the restlessly edited drama, which wends its way over almost two hours to a ridiculous blood-and-guns finale.
But while individual lines might prove amusing, the overall effect of Mushu's aggressively jivey commentary is jarring and, frankly, off putting in this serious context; Mushu and Murphy really belong in a different movie.
In some cases actually belittling the songs its supposed to be showcasing, the show does have its moments, such as when Laura Kenyon does a spot-on loud and jivey Betty Hutton impersonation on "Murder He Says," or when female impersonator James Beaman completely convinces us that he's Bette Davis (except that he sings "They're Either Too Young or Too Old" better than she did).