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blow jive

tv. to smoke marijuana. (see also jive.) Man, let’s go out and blow some jive!
See also: blow, jive


1. n. drugs; marijuana. (see also gyve.) That jive is gonna be the end of you.
2. n. back talk. Don’t you give me any of that jive!
3. n. lies; deception; nonsense. No more of your jive. Talk straight or don’t talk.
4. mod. deceptive; insincere. I listened to her little jive speech and then fired her.

jive talk

n. slang; contemporary fad words. I like to hear jive talk. It’s like trying to work a puzzle.
See also: jive, talk

jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
See also: jive, turkey


mod. foolish. (Usually objectionable.) You can tell that jive-ass jerk to forget it.

pull jive

tv. to drink liquor. (see also jive.) Let’s go pull jive for a while.
See also: jive, pull
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Conecteo is one of several European companies that use Jive to help employees, partners and customers work better together -- including Adidas, Buhler AG, Cristal Union, Euroclear Bank, Lafarge, Lufthansa, M6, Orange and Societe Generale SA.
David MacMillan, vice president of EMEA, Jive Software said: "This is a key step in extending Jive's presence in Europe to support the growing demand for our platform among organizations that wish to benefit from increased productivity delivered by enterprise collaboration tools.
0 is a key function integration application pulling in the most critical quick logging capabilities of the popular Atlassian JIRA issue tracker inside Jive - the Enterprise social business platform.
JiveWorld11 will showcase innovative technology for bringing social interactions to common applications, including Microsoft Outlook, using the newly released Jive for Outlook[R], which transforms the way information workers use email and engage with one another.
Jive has provided our teams with an interactive intranet that is easy to use, easy to collaborate in and easy to access from any device around the world," said Michael Wand, project manager at Deutsche Telekom.
Social Business is transforming the way business is done," said Christopher Morace, SVP of Business Development at Jive.
Alfresco and Jive announce first industry integration to deliver on social content management features http://bit.
Dean Chabrier, chief people officer at Jive Software
In a phased launch, Cinepolis is currently deploying Jive to its 27,000 employees including headquarters employees in Morelia, Mexico, as well as staff in Cinepolis theaters across Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, India and the United States.
At Isobar, we work with clients to create a digital strategy that leverages relevant and innovative technologies to drive their business forward, and our relationship with Jive Software, the leader in the Social Business Software, is right in line with that effort," said Bryant Shea, VP, Content and Mobile, Isobar.
Jive is the communication and collaboration platform for modern, mobile business.
Today, Jive and Networked Insights announced a partnership on Jive Insights, a new feature of Jive SBS 3.
Today, employees expect the same kind of choices at work as they have in their personal lives, from the devices and apps they use to the location and setting where they get work done," said Elisa Steele, chief executive officer at Jive Software.
PK), a leading provider of service resolution management (SRM) solutions, today announced that it has forged a strategic partnership with Jive Software, the leading provider of open architecture, Java-based collaboration software.
By integrating ICEbrowser SDK into Live Assistant, Jive Software is able to provide cross-platform co-browsing, which means that agents can assist customers in navigating through Web sites.