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blow jive

tv. to smoke marijuana. (see also jive.) Man, let’s go out and blow some jive!
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1. n. drugs; marijuana. (see also gyve.) That jive is gonna be the end of you.
2. n. back talk. Don’t you give me any of that jive!
3. n. lies; deception; nonsense. No more of your jive. Talk straight or don’t talk.
4. mod. deceptive; insincere. I listened to her little jive speech and then fired her.

jive talk

n. slang; contemporary fad words. I like to hear jive talk. It’s like trying to work a puzzle.
See also: jive, talk

jive turkey

n. a stupid person. What jive turkey made this mess?
See also: jive, turkey


mod. foolish. (Usually objectionable.) You can tell that jive-ass jerk to forget it.

pull jive

tv. to drink liquor. (see also jive.) Let’s go pull jive for a while.
See also: jive, pull
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Jive Insight users can also set up custom views, as well as alerts based on their specific interests and areas of responsibility.
We are excited to partner with Jive Software so that our customers and prospects can capture and leverage this knowledge in peer support communities and across channels to reduce costs and improve the delivery of customer service.
Great companies such as Cisco, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Pearson and Standard Chartered rely on Jive to connect, communicate and collaborate from any device anywhere.
Jive Live Assistant routes incoming chat requests to the appropriate agent (or group of agents) based on numerous variables, such as product area, language or support level.
About Jive Communications Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions.
Jive continues to push the boundaries on what an intranet can look and feel like, and the integrations with Jive Chime and Jive Circle will further help streamline the way our employees connect with each other.
We see a lot of hyper-growth companies like Sysomos pushing the boundaries of what's possible in their own industries and needing cohesive communications and collaboration tools to maintain agility as they expand organically and through acquisitions," said Robert Block, chief customer success officer at Jive Software.
This exciting agreement between Hasbro Games, Jive Records and the Carters will result in an exclusive TWISTER MOVES-compatible music track featuring performances by Nick and Aaron Carter on a CD that will be packaged with the game.
SunEdison is one of several energy, extraction and engineering businesses -- such as Cameron, Chesapeake, Jacobs Engineering Group, PinkPetro and Schneider Electric -- that use Jive communities to improve innovation, productivity and safety.
Lighty also maintains his title of President, Violator Records, which will now be brought under the Jive umbrella.
Jive-n will support this entire spectrum -- from the board room, to the farmer, to the factory worker -- and help Cristal Union's employees share valuable knowledge and increase efficiency and productivity," said David Macmillan, vice president and general manager of EMEA and international at Jive Software.
Jive Records artists dominate the music scene this week with #1 albums in the top two music markets worldwide.
We partnered with Jive to launch an interactive intranet because of the company's proven success delivering communication and collaboration best practices through leading-edge, mobile-friendly, best-of-breed solutions.
The Zomba Group is comprised of Jive Records, Jive Electro, Verity Records, Volcano (50% ownership) and The Provident Music Group which counts Essential, Reunion and Brentwood among its labels.
Jeff brings a proven, successful track record of leading go-to-market strategies across all types of markets in every industry -- from large health systems to emerging and medium-sized tech companies," said Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive Software.