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case of the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters though!"
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get the jitters

To experience a temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. A: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" B: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters, though!"
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the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got the jitters real bad, though!" I have a song that I hum to myself to help get rid of the jitters before big competitions.
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get/have the ˈjitters

(informal) feel anxious and nervous, especially before an important event or before having to do something difficult: I always get the jitters before exams.Louise had the pre-wedding jitters so badly she nearly didn’t make it to the church.
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the jitters

n. the nervous shakes. I get the jitters when I have to talk in public.
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According to her, another sign of wedding jitters is one a couple who couldn't keep their hands off each other become less tactile.
Normal jitter values for voluntary activated periocular muscles have been established in the literature for the SFEMG electrode (6).
In this study, we focus on decreasing the influence of delay jitter on voice quality.
Early Jitters plans to start touring after the album is completed.
Johnson also owns Picture This, the combination art gallery/frame shop and home decor store next door to Jitters. One wants to linger there and see everything on display from candles and candy to nick-knacks and baby booties.
Whatever race ritual you develop, the purpose is to provide habits that you can rely on to get you through the jitters, and to keep you from forgetting important pre-race routines.
"Ok I'm always gonna report the truth..sooooo I had horrible nervous jitters the first day on 'Scream Queens' ..felt like an idiot UGH," the Kansas native (https://twitter.com/kirstiealley/status/776584511786102784) wrote on Twitter on Sept.
Russia, which is seen as a cause for triggering jitters in stock markets, ''is in a devastating state,'' he said.
The fist advisory panel also recommended fixing the telescope's jitters. This slight shaking, caused in part by temperature related expansion and contraction of Hubble's power-providing solar panels (SN: 11/10/90, p.295), also reduces the sharpness of the telescope's pictures and spectra.
The jitters result mainly from oscillations of Hubble's electricity-providing solar panels.
None of the Wayside players gives Kerr more jitters than Paul Masterson.
The rotational axis of the azimuth gear wheel of the antenna corresponds to the main jitter sources induced by stepper motor activation and an imperfect intermeshed harmonic-drive-gear configuration.
Although concentric needle (CN) electrodes have been used to assess jitter in myasthenia gravis patients and healthy controls, there are few reports using CN electrodes to assess motor unit instability and denervation in neurogenic diseases.
These are the fragility of scheduler, the problems of task jitter, and task overruns [5], [11].
A jitter modulation source is included to support jitter tolerance testing.