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case of the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters though!"
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get the jitters

To experience a temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. A: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" B: "Yeah. I've got a bad case of the jitters, though!"
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the jitters

A temporary state of nervous anxiety or anticipation. Marty: "Are you ready to deliver your speech?" Anthony: "Yeah. I've got the jitters real bad, though!" I have a song that I hum to myself to help get rid of the jitters before big competitions.
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get/have the ˈjitters

(informal) feel anxious and nervous, especially before an important event or before having to do something difficult: I always get the jitters before exams.Louise had the pre-wedding jitters so badly she nearly didn’t make it to the church.
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the jitters

n. the nervous shakes. I get the jitters when I have to talk in public.
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The place to start when looking for jitter is Time Interval Error (TIE) and phase noise measurements.
From the various criteria, the preferred features for determining the steadiness of a voice are jitter, shimmer, and HNR [6, 7, 8].
On the other hand, the 1st eigenfrequency of the RWA isolation system along the z-axis is not clearly observed in the waterfall plot because the main jitter contributor of the RWA is the rotational movement in the x-y plane.
Action potentials with amplitudes >200 [micro]V and rise times <300 [micro]s were selected for calculating the FD and jitter. The CN-jitter and spike number were defined using CNs and the SFEMG program.
PCIe jitter tool to address these needs, providing hardware designers with a downloadable utility that quickly determines if the measured clock meets PCIe jitter requirements.
in this figure, to reduce jitter of Task B, the required release time prior to Task B is equal to the worst-case execution time (WCET) of Task A plus scheduler overhead.
The BSA286CL has a fully redesigned jitter impairment system that incorporates state of the art modulation technology to 100G PHY layer testing.
Jitter may be seen in characteristics such as the interval between successive pulses, or the amplitude, frequency, and phase of successive cycles [17].
In such cases, jitter measurement & pulse mask compliance is very useful in diagnosing problems.
This synthesizer employs a moderate bandwidth PLL, programmable from 400 kHz to 1.2 MHz, to attenuate fractional-N spurs, and the reference and charge-pump noise, while suppressing the VCO phase noise to comply with stringent jitter specifications of numerous wireline standards.
Karnataka, June 21 -- GL Communications Inc., announced today its enhanced T1 E1 Jitter and Pulse Mask Measurement Solutions.