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whips and jingles

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. The whips and jingles can be agonizing. Hope you never have to experience them.
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1. n. a buzz or tingle from alcohol. This stuff gives me a little jingle, but that’s all.
2. n. a drinking bout. The guys planned a big jingle for Friday.
3. n. a call on the telephone. (see also buzz.) Give me a jingle when you get into town.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was a little jingled, but not worse than that.
See also: jingle
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I was thinking, eight reindeer pulling a sleigh with lots of jingly bells on it.
I'm dressed by now in a floor length wafty skirt with little jingly amulets around the hem.
I was not allowed the opportunity,nay, the honour,of parting with my pocket money to buy their latest single,or put their jingly jangly tunes on my mobile phone.
A virtual who's-who of pop hitmakers, the album features such gems as Britney Spears asking Santa for someone to love in the jingly ``My Only Wish (This Year)'' and the Backstreet Boys gushing yule love in ``Christmas Time,'' alongside Christmas cheer from Santana, 'N Sync and Toni Braxton.
Twenty-two years later, they are still playing super-fast jingly indie tunes only a Duracel bunny rabbit could keep up with.
Just as small children are transfixed and bamboozled by the colourful jingly food advertisements aimed directly at them to harass their mums and dads in supermarkets, parents are also being conned by the greedy, self-serving and uncaring food manufacturers.
With adverts, the music can be as important as the visual impact and often people remember the tunes, but not necessarily what they are selling - although banal, jingly tunes are usually forgotten because they have no emotional attachment.
Smiley indie kids with lots of harmonies and jingly jangly guitars.
The prismatic world she created out of bottles - their necks facing outward to achieve a glistening, stained-glass effect inside, including a Doll House for her 550 dolls, a Round House with round furniture and a jingly fireplace made out of intravenous feeding tubes.
you couldn't keep Dickens away We don't need fake tans or jingly body bling on our private parts.
The 42-year-old regular on the long-running Channel 4 show says: ``It wouldn't be the first time the jingly tune has been played as a send-off.
Unusual in that it is of immaculate, pristine, positively lush quality and unusual in that it comes from a band who clearly do not harbour any wishes to be the new, jingly jangly, brit pop throwback indie kids on the block.
It was called, simply, The Fight, because that first match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, 25 years ago Friday, contained too many metaphors to cram into one jingly ad line.
you couldn't keep Dickens awayWe don't need fake tans or jingly body bling on our private parts.
SMASH MOUTH: Walkin' On The Sun (Interscope) It's jingly jangly American guitar music and Radio One are playing it to death.