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whips and jingles

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs. The whips and jingles can be agonizing. Hope you never have to experience them.
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1. n. a buzz or tingle from alcohol. This stuff gives me a little jingle, but that’s all.
2. n. a drinking bout. The guys planned a big jingle for Friday.
3. n. a call on the telephone. (see also buzz.) Give me a jingle when you get into town.


mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was a little jingled, but not worse than that.
See also: jingle
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Carol singing group the Jingles performed at parties across Dubai in return for donations to raise money for Daudjan Al Maty, aged four, from Kazakhstan and Ammar Ibrahim Ali, from Nigeria, aged two, both of whom have leukaemia.
Jingle dance started among the Ojibwa people in the Great Lakes area of the United States.
from Winston Salem, NC Named Grand Prize Winner for Unique Spin on the 'Best Part of Wakin' Up' Jingle
Chris Moyles recognised the value of jingles, even if his approach was to parody them with examples such as "the cheesy song".
Kerry, mother of Mollie, aged six, and Ben, who's three, has been running Jo Jingles classes in the area for nearly three years and is continuing to expand the business.
Helen Maltby runs the Jo Jingles sessions in and around Newcastle.
For more information on the Jingles the Elf set ($24.
She later got to try her own hand at creating memorable jingles while working in sales for the Icicle Broadcasting Company in Leavenworth.
Some listeners are able to see these jingles for what they are, but could it be that other listeners are so brainwashed by the jingles that they just accept them?
Echoing the protocols of these first powwows, the women's Jingle Dress dance style developed among the Ojibway Indians in the early 1900s.
Corrina will need all her charm and humor to bring some warmth and life back to Molly and then Manny, and once she manages to do this (while inspiring a few jingles of her own), she will need plenty of grit and love to overcome the racial taboos against them becoming a new family.
Silver braids and silver jingles are a rare and beautiful sight.
The new allies will provide, from October, technological aid via Nokia's Web site ''Forum Nokia'' from which Faith will allow would-be developers to download ''authoring tools'' for composition of such jingles into their computers, they said.
To enter, teachers must submit a VHS videotape (no longer than three minutes) of five or more students singing one of the jingles, along with the official contest entry forms, which are available by calling (800) 672-2754 or logging on to www.
With the acquisition of Jingles Academy, a skin care manufacturer enters the hair care business.