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jimmy something up

pry something up. See if you can jimmy this window up. Can you jimmy up this window?
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n. the penis. (From the proper name Jimmy or from the name for a short crowbar.) The streaker covered his jimmy and ran across the field.

jimmy cap

n. a condom. (see also jimmy.) You better get a jimmy cap on that.
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References in classic literature ?
Little did Toby then think, as he afterwards had good reason to suspect, that this very Jimmy was a heartless villain, who, by his arts, had just incited the natives to restrain him as he was in the act of going after me.
He was still struggling with the islanders when Jimmy again came up to him, and warned him against irritating them, saying that he was only making matters worse for both of us, and if they became enraged, there was no telling what might happen.
Now, notwithstanding what Jimmy had just told him, there presently came up to my comrade an old woman, who seated herself beside him on the canoe.
Jimmy, with raised eyes and parted lips, fingered his grizzled chestnut beard, and I was near enough to-note, the capable beauty of his hands.
But consider the ethics of the case," said Jimmy. "Isn't this burglary or something, Bubbles?"
"Wait a moment, Chris," said Jimmy the interpreter; " Guiseppe says he may answer to the music of his infancy.
"That's what the Flyin' Dutchman thought," Jimmy assured him.
Martin told Jimmy that he would get off at Sixteenth Street Station and catch the electric car into Oakland.
They did not connect the couple with Jimmy, who sprang on the steps, crying to the motorman:-
Quickly her triumphant eye discovered her chum under the wing of her faithful Jimmy.
"Go as far as you like," said Jimmy, with sandpaper in his voice.
She had even grown used to noticing Anna joggle the reluctant Jimmy with her elbow as a signal for him to invite her chum to walk over his feet through a two-step.
Jimmy used to come round first, and say, 'All serene, Polly,' so kind and jolly, that I could n't help laughing and being friends right away."
"Well, they ought to, if they don't; and they would if the boys were as kind to them as Jimmy was to me."
"Why, Jimmy Bean, wherever have you been brought up?--not to know what a Ladies' Aid is!"