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I owe a lot to that cultured writer, a culinary Jiminy Cricket during the food festival.
Names like Edgar Buchanan, Irene Ryan and Cliff Edwards are probably not familiar to most people, but Uncle Joe (from Petticoat Junction), Granny (from Beverly Hillbillies) and the voice of Jiminy Cricket sure are.
Back in the 1950s, Walt Disney's educational films starring Jiminy Cricket introduced the idea that short, single concept movies for children could be an effective, efficient, and appealing way to learn.
Cliff Edwards, the voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket, was Ukulele Ike in an earlier incarnation.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 1993; 2 Almond; 3 Neither pairQ of sides are parallel; 4 Swaziland; 5 Antarctica; 6 Peterborough; 7 Yuri Andropov; 8 Why Do Fools Fall In Love; 9 Jiminy Cricket; 10 The concertina.
Jiminy Cricket's Environmentality Challenge began in 1994 for 5th graders in California.
My husband took me on the kid-friendly Star Tours where I turned greener than Jiminy Cricket.
Stop second-guessing your killer intuition and give Jiminy Cricket a listen.
government grants, the wholehearted support of my Case colleagues, and Henry sitting on my shoulder like a professional Jiminy Cricket, part adviser/part cheerleader, in 1976 Case and the University of Western Ontario, established CUSLI, that is, the Canada-U.S.
But before you could say "Jiminy Cricket", Cameron was dominating the television screens in fear that Hannan's outburst would leave the impression among voters that the Tories would be happy to ditch the NHS.
Most music you just have to sit and listen to, but in yours there is question and answer, almost like Pinocchio with his Jiminy Cricket. The puppet is always making mistakes, causing others grief, sinning.
After all, the kids had virtually been brought up on boats and the family had already sailed in the 350 nautical mile Montague Island Race in Tauchwoodand won the historic Captain Rowntree Cup in the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron's offshore regatta in their previous boat, the half tonner Jiminy Cricket.
Disney's Contemporary Resort's Earth Day Celebration will showcase new and ongoing environmental projects for 2008 and offer a photo opportunity with Jiminy Cricket, the mascot of Disney's Environmentality.