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The jigs and fixtures allow manufacturers to perform real-time part inspections right on the assembly line.
Pull 6 inches of serving material from the serving jig and lay 4 inches of it down the string over the served area, starting 1 3/4 inches from where the string loops around the upright.
While jigging hasn't helped me ice a lot of pike, I have taken enough to allot one jig pole for just pike.
"I started tying jigs six years ago," Ronnestrand says.
"I'll hold the jig skirt between my fingers and trim it just behind the bend of the hook," Iaconelli said.
The upper (sliding) swivel is used as the dropper line, with either a sinker or heavy leadhead jig affixed to 12 to 18 inches of light mono.
Most anglers choose 6.5- to 7-foot rods with fast actions (fast tips) to fish jigs. True, such rods handle jigs well, and I use them, too.
According to Benny, "Slow-pitch jigs trigger a reaction strike.
With the right accessories, jigs and work aids, this versatile machine can be used for virtually any woodworking task, from smoothing surfaces and trimming edges to making joints and cutting grooves.
If you choose to work the fast water below the dam at McHenry, be prepared to have enough jigs to last as long as you look for fish.
The company's history reaches back to 2006 when Jake posed a question on AR15.coM regarding the need for a dimpling jig. A decade down the road BRD Engineering now offers dimple jigs (if you want to go the set-screw route) and drilling jigs for a wide variety of gas blocks--along with other products.