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(one's) jig is up

One's plan or scheme has been discovered or thwarted; one's game, trick, or deception is at an end. A variant of the much more common phrase "the jig is up." Your jig is up, Senator Marten! Your tax evasion has been found out, and the police are here to escort you to prison. We were going to play a practical joke on David, but when he noticed our car parked out front, I knew that our jig was up.
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between the jigs and the reels

That which happens among, despite, or because of great confusion, chaos, or disarray; between or because of one thing and another. Primarily heard in Ireland. I was resolved to leave work early that day, but then the boss called a last-minute meeting, the printer stopped working, and I got put on hold with a client for half an hour. So between the jigs and the reels, I ended up leaving an hour late! He drew loans from all over the country, using one to pay off the other. Between the jigs and the reels, he ended up owing more than millions to various banks and investors.
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goat's jig

obsolete Sexual intercourse. I think I overheard two of the servants doing the goat's jig last night!
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in jig time

Very quickly or swiftly. Don't worry, we won't hand the project in late—we'll get it done in jig time.
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jig (it)

To absent oneself or leave early (from school or work) when one would normally be required to be there; to play truant. Primarily heard in Australia. I was so restless and bored at work that I decided to just jig it after lunch without telling anyone. Hey, Jim and I are planning on jigging from school on Friday, do you want to come with us? That's the last time you jig class, mister! From now on, I'm dropping you to school every morning!
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the jig is up

The plan or scheme has been discovered and/or thwarted; the game, trick, or deception is at an end. The jig is up, Smith! The police found your fingerprints all over the safe. We tried to smuggle a kitten into the house, but when mom saw me carrying a saucer of milk, I knew that the jig was up.
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jig is up

See game is up.
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game is up, the

Also, the jig is up. The trick or deception has been exposed. For example, When they took inventory they realized what was missing, and the game was up for the department head . This expression dates from the mid-1800s and uses up in the sense of "over" or "lost." The variant employs jig in the sense of "trickery," a usage dating from about 1600.
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the jig is up

If the jig is up, someone can no longer do something wrong or illegal because someone has found out about it. They had been taking money from residents, but they knew the jig was up when one of them contacted the police. Compare with the game is up.
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in jig time

extremely quickly; in a very short time. North American informal
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the jig is up

the scheme or deception is revealed or foiled. North American informal
The sense of jig here dates from the late 16th century and means ‘jest’ or ‘trick’. The jig is over is recorded from the late 18th century in the USA and the usual modern version with up appeared only slightly later.
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tv. & in. to copulate [with] someone. (Usually objectionable.) She’s claiming they jigged twice.

the jig is up

phr. the game is ended; the scheme has been found out. Okay, you kids. The jig’s up!
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in jig time

Very quickly; rapidly.
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