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in a jiffy

Fig. very fast; very soon. Just wait a minute. I'll be there in a jiffy. I'll be finished in a jiffy.
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in a jiff(y)

mod. right away; immediately. (see also jiffy.) The clerk’ll be with you in a jiff.
See also: jiffy

in a jiff

See also: jiff
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I thought it would be nice to get all the Hawkfield breed line together on Harlech beach to celebrate Jiff Lemon's first birthday.
I see tremendous potential for Jiff to expand its already impressive customer base by offering a unique and effective employee engagement solution.
The Jiff solution features easy-to-use digital tools that allow employers to quickly and easily implement highly tailored employee-facing programs that tie directly to their corporate health and wellness objectives.
Forced to look for a stand-in, he finds Jiff (Eddie Murphy in a second role), who is Kit's double - except he has glasses, a squint, braces and about two braincells fewer than a stone.
Born in Prague, Hana Blazikova graduated in 2002 from the Prague Conservatory, when' she studied with jiff Kotouc.
The Jiff Platform is a flexible collection of tools that allows healthcare organizations, employers and wellness program providers to:
It's been 8o years of systematic work, a great tradition," says Jiff Chvala, adding that in various situations and various places in Prague you can encounter people whose children or grandchildren were with the choir, or who sang in it themselves at one time.
In addition to the investment in RxAnte, existing commitments to Aviir, Clovis Oncology, Elation EMR, goBalto, Jiff, Omada Health, mc10, and Sonitus reflect this strategy.
A special ease is the score to Vera Chytilova's film Daisies, composed by Jiri Slitr, a musician and actor involved at the legendary Semafor theatre, together with Jiff gust (1919-1995), a composer for whom film music was a lifelons mission.
His most significant compositions are the Stafeta (Relay), a cycle of songs For voice and string quartet to verse by Jiff Wolker and Jules Romains, and the cantata Mikulas the Sailor one of the most remarkable works of this genre in Czech post-Dvorak music (based on the same Pi Wolker poem was Boleslav Vomacka's cantata The Light/owe Keeper).
also enjoyed by compositions written by Otmar Macha, Petr Eben, Jiff Jaroch, Svatopluk Havelka, Viktor Kalabis and Miloslav Kabelac, the latter of whom, along with Zbynek Vostrak and Marek Kopelent, was also an extremely successful creator of the stylistically most progressive music.
Financing allows Jiff to accelerate the deployment of the first HIPAA-compliant private healthcare social network and digital health apps platform
Anniversaries will be celebrated by arts institutions too, including the Prague Symphony Orchestra (founded in 1934), the National Theatre in Brno (established in 1884), as well as the much younger yet prestigious PKF--Prague Philharmonia, co-founded in 1994 by Jiff Belohlavek.
The convenience of engaging Jiff Belohlavek as the chief conductor is beyond dispute and, what's more, the orchestra members' dream of being led by an established conductor of the "mature generation" has come true.