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jibe with (something)

1. To compliment something well; to mesh well with something. I'm sorry, but that marketing campaign just doesn't jibe with our brand.
2. To fit together with something in a logical or sensible manner. I think they're lying because parts of their story just don't jibe with what the others have told us.
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jibe with something

[for something] to agree with something. Your story doesn't jibe with what we heard from the arresting officer. Her tale jibes with yours quite well.
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jibe with

To be in accord with something; agree with something: My calculations jibe with the ones that the accountant made.
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in. to agree; to be in harmony. (see also track.) Your story just doesn’t jibe with the facts.
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I won't lose any sleep over Bob's flippant jibes, but taking the mick only works when its funny.
Like Colin we all need to rise above such immature jibes from people who should know be t t e r.
They included a jibe about his pregnant fiance Catherine Zeta Jones making love to her grandpa.
After the jibe about his performance in Saturday's match, which left QPR bottom of the table, the French player challenged Aran Hayashi to come and "have a chat big man".
Kylie also called Louish Walsh "pathetic" for constantly taking jibes at Dannii.
A JURY has ruled that a series of offensive jibes about sheep aimed at a Welshman were not racist.
This result jibes with prior "looking-time" studies, which suggest that infants prefer to look at familiar material after they've tackled a complex task like viewing series of scenes.
He finally snapped after days of bitchy jibes from the wisecracking air steward.
The prezoning jibes with the city General Plan, which designates 373.
Pushing the supernova's debut back several months jibes with the suggestion of other researchers that "an orb of extraordinary brilliance," as was reported shortly after the death of Pope Leo IX on April 19, 1054, was in fact the supernova.
The president canceled an appearance at Saturday night's annual Gridiron dinner, an evening of spoofs and jibes swapped by politicians and the reporters who cover them.
With the prospect of further austerity the Greek people can do without cheap jibes from an Irish Finance Minister who takes orders from Berlin.
If there is more to John Gregory's decision to drop him then the Villa manager should be brave enough to say so and not resort to cheap jibes about David's weight.
People who suffer from schizophrenia frequently endure taunts and jibes of imaginary voices and construct bizarre scenarios of being persecuted by outside forces.
A16-stone cleaner says she's too ill to work because of cruel jibes about her weight.