jibe with

jibe with (something)

1. To complement something well; to mesh well with something. I'm sorry, but that marketing campaign just doesn't jibe with our brand.
2. To fit together with something in a logical or sensible manner. I think they're lying because parts of their story just don't jibe with what the others have told us.
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jibe with something

[for something] to agree with something. Your story doesn't jibe with what we heard from the arresting officer. Her tale jibes with yours quite well.
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jibe with

To be in accord with something; agree with something: My calculations jibe with the ones that the accountant made.
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References in classic literature ?
The children of the town steal round to watch them, wondering; and brawny country wenches, laughing, draw near to bandy ale- house jest and jibe with the swaggering troopers, so unlike the village swains, who, now despised, stand apart behind, with vacant grins upon their broad, peering faces.
Crookes and Wallace ranged up on the opposing side, while Sir Oliver Lodge attempted to formulate a compromise that would jibe with his particular cosmic theories.
When the results failed to jibe with the Bush administration's pro-privatization bent, the department resorted to a common tactic: Department staffers released the report late on Friday afternoon with no fanfare and ran home for the weekend.
Obviously, such a statistic isn't measurable; it's certainly debatable, and it doesn't jibe with conventional wisdom that new hires are on "probation" for 90 days to prove their worth.
An example of how your vacation can jibe with ecotourism: Stay at a "tree-house resort." These huts are built high in the trees.
"The parts I've seen of the video just don't jibe with what they're claiming they are," he said.
But how does all of this jibe with that safety tattoo?
Although the findings didn't exactly jibe with his first-hand knowledge, he was so eager to improve this part of his district that he immediately began revamping some policies.
These findings of a new epidemiological study jibe with a current hypothesis that contact with hormone-like chemicals before birth raises a male's risk of various genital problems.
Paul's Cathedral in Kamloops said that sometimes the "legal parameters don't necessarily jibe with the realities of being human, alive.
* The information reported didn't jibe with the taxpayer's filing status.
968 to mean "To be in accord; agree: Your figures jibe with mine.
How did his tactics and techniques jibe with the American character, or not jibe with it?
Towey's claims to be non-political also don't jibe with recent revelations in The Washington Times that he lent his name and White House credentials to a fund-raising effort sponsored by a conservative Catholic publication.
These results jibe with existing data that retinoic acid and other hormones cycle up and down through the day.