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jibe with something

[for something] to agree with something. Your story doesn't jibe with what we heard from the arresting officer. Her tale jibes with yours quite well.
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jibe with

To be in accord with something; agree with something: My calculations jibe with the ones that the accountant made.
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in. to agree; to be in harmony. (see also track.) Your story just doesn’t jibe with the facts.
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In 2012, JIBE partnered with leading global companies, including Walmart, AT&T, Procter & Gamble, General Motors and Accenture to extend their Human Capital Management solutions to mobile devices.
At last year's Mobile World Congress, Deutsche Telekom announced it would deploy RCS services hosted by Jibe in European markets to benefit from the fast, efficient roll-out via Jibe's Cloud to their regional operating companies.
Deutsche Telekom and other multi-national carriers announced at Mobile World Congress in February that they would be deploying RCS services hosted by Jibe in European markets to benefit from the fast, efficient roll-out and interconnection via Jibe's Cloud and RCS Hub to their regional operating companies.
Jibes about class are surely acts of desperation, signs that there is no better criticism to hurl at an opponent.
Critics insist that Du Beke should suffer the fate of Carol Thatcher, whose "golliwog" jibe saw her fired by the BBC.
Ken Livingstone after he heard he had been suspended for making Nazi jibe Picture: IAN NICHOLSON
They included a jibe about his pregnant fiance Catherine Zeta Jones making love to her grandpa.
At Newbury, Jibe can show her York run to be all wrong by taking the Basingstoke Conditions Stakes (7.
Exclusive can gain her revenge over Jibe after losing out when they fought out the minor places in the Fillies Mile behind Glorosia to land the Shadwell Stud Nell Gwyn Stakes at Newmarket today.
2~, which means "To be in accord with; agree: Your figures jibe with mine.
NEW YORK -- JIBE, the software company that provides consumer-facing recruiting solutions to enterprises, today announced the addition of three executives to its sales team: Cindy Songne, Vice President of Agency Relations; Cindy Dole, Director of Enterprise Sales; and Tom Strauss, Director of Enterprise Sales.
We are honored that Jibe has been selected as a World Communication Awards Cloud Infrastructure finalist for our hosted IP messaging service.
20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Jibe Mobile, the global communications cloud company, today announced that Jibe's RCS Hub is now available for interconnecting carrier RCS and joyn services throughout the world and will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The jibe was a reference to a book which claims Cameron unwinds from the stresses of his job by drinking wine with Sunday lunch.
OUR story last week about royal policeman John Hayter's sick jibe on Facebook about innocent Ian Tomlinson who died at the G20 protests, provoked anger among readers.