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Jew (one)

offensive slang To cheat, swindle, or defraud someone, especially in a business deal. From the prejudiced and stereotypical perception that Jewish people are stingy or extortionate. A: "$5,000 is way too much. They're definitely trying to Jew you." B: "Dad! Why on earth would you say something so repugnant?"
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Jew (one) down

offensive slang To haggle with one in order to achieve a lower price (for something). From the prejudiced and stereotypical perception that Jewish people are stingy or extortionate. A: "$5,000 is way too much. See if you can Jew them down to $4,000." B: "Dad! Why on earth would you say something so repugnant?"
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worth a Jew's eye

Very valuable. This phrase likely refers to the violent methods that were once used to extort money from Jews. Have you seen that painting? It's an original, so it must be worth a Jew's eye.
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Director General, The Board of Deputies of British Jews, London, England
Kaplan ("The Mohammadeans"), Budick considers the way Jewish American liberals used African Americans and their history to reconstruct a non-religious Jewish identity wherein the Jew becomes a symbol of transnational morality dedicated to the rights of the oppressed.
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Schedrin shows that among expert Jews there were serious scholars such as German Barats, who wrote a history of Jews in Kievan Rus' and Moisei Berlin and who published "an ethnographical survey of Russian Jews." Expert Jew Moisei Kreps prepared several articles for the Russian Jewish encyclopedia, published in St.
According to all branches of Judaism, I'm Jewish because my mother was a Jew. I accept this criterion.
At auspicious occasions, such as weddings, it is important to invite a Jew to attend, as Jews ward off evil.
Jews settled in Tunisia more than 2,000 years ago, and DNA signatures carried from the Middle East are still evident in Tunisian Jews today, the researchers found.
Sherri Muzher (SM): Before talking about the letter, "A New Spirit: A Letter from Jewish Descendents of the Countries of Islam," can you describe what being a Mizrahi Jew has meant to you and how has it shaped your outlook throughout your life?
If you love the Jew on the cross love the other Jews too
Interestingly enough, Rosenzweig used the example of inter-Jewish enmity to make this point--whereby the Jew who says Judaism is about covenant and not law demonizes the 'orthodox Jew' who says it's about 'law and not spirituality' and the two decidedly excise the positive feature of the other from their own proclamation.
As a Jew, Rothschild should also know that it is against our precepts to stand idly by and be killed; one is obligated to defend oneself.
This book is an account of non-Jews during the Second World War, who, at great personal risk, usually the threat of death, attempted to save the life of Jews who would otherwise have been put to death.
All of which poses the question, what does it mean to be a Jew? And here I would like to agree with Figes, that there are no special traits of intellect, emotion, personality, or character that are either distinctive of Jews or native to Jews as such.
To view the East End through the prism of anti-Semitism does not help us to understand the place of Jews in East End life, particularly in the interwar period.