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n. young and wealthy people who fly by jet from resort to resort. The jet-set doesn’t come here anymore.
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The least-frequent young jet-setters are from south west England, where babies fly only 1,409 miles on average before the age of one.
The American was joined by fellow jet-setters Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh in a trans-Atlantic dash from Royal Lytham to Toronto, where he lined up in a Canadian Skins event.
Most opponents of SST subsidies characterize the program as a vast boondoggle to benefit a small minority of jet-setters at the expense of everybody else.
JET-SETTERS Jessica and Jenson would like to have a family but are too busy at the moment
Bardarbunga in Iceland blew at the weekend, striking fear into the hearts of jet-setters.
Palma, Malaga and Alicante make up the top three slots, but jet-setters are also opting to head to cheaper resorts in Turkey, or all-inclusive packages in Dubai.
But do these jet-setters really need to spend so much on comfy seats and free fillet steaks when the weekly wage of their "clients" would not even buy a sandwich?
But it's not just delays causing havoc - unclear airport information has led to one in 20 jet-setters missing their flight.
Newcastle Airport's public relations officer Wendy Dawley said: "I take my hat off to British Airways and the students, and hope, for the sake of their university tutors, that the jet-setters make it back for lectures on Monday.
Two South Wales jet-setters are enjoying a jaunt to Chile after their eighth successful week on the National Lottery quiz.
At least one of those jet-setters who arrived for a World Cup rendezvous with a diminished number of international administrators had had an away-day to the Geneva region the previous week.
With five languages under his belt, Klaus relishes looking after the wealth of international jet-setters, stars and royalty who stay at the Hilton.
But even these art-world jet-setters conducted their preliminaries via "slides, videos and other documentation.
More than a third of jet-setters have hooked up with a stranger while 30% have juggled more than one romance on a trip abroad.