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n. young and wealthy people who fly by jet from resort to resort. The jet-set doesn’t come here anymore.
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His research shows that the millionaires don't all live in the Hamptons, and that they tend to be married with children, not braniacs, work but aren't workaholics, shop at Costco, and "don't do the same things that jet-setters and beautiful people do" (from The Millionaire Mind).
Most opponents of SST subsidies characterize the program as a vast boondoggle to benefit a small minority of jet-setters at the expense of everybody else.
In an industry marked by jet-setters and marketing wizards such as Jerry Sanders of Advanced Micro Devices and Intel's Andy Grove, Rodgers commands attention, because he bellows loudest and displays flashes of technical brilliance.
JET-SETTERS Jessica and Jenson would like to have a family but are too busy at the moment
Bardarbunga in Iceland blew at the weekend, striking fear into the hearts of jet-setters.
Palma, Malaga and Alicante make up the top three slots, but jet-setters are also opting to head to cheaper resorts in Turkey, or all-inclusive packages in Dubai.
But do these jet-setters really need to spend so much on comfy seats and free fillet steaks when the weekly wage of their "clients" would not even buy a sandwich?
The American was joined by fellow jet-setters Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh in a trans-Atlantic dash from Royal Lytham to Toronto, where he lined up in a Canadian Skins event.
For South Wales' most successful jet-setters the world continues to be their oyster.
FORGET DINKYS, the Double Income No Kids Yet jet-setters of the 90s.
And Jerry and Ann Moss, the owners, were affable jet-setters from the pop-music world, Jerry being the co-founder with Herb Alpert of A&M Records.
Beacon Light was one of the best two-mile hurdlers of his era, and Grand Canyon was a stayer best suited by a flat track, who went on to be one of racing's earlier jet-setters, winning in Italy, France and the USA, notably the Colonial Cup in 1977.
BABIES are the new jet-setters, clocking up an average of more than 3,600 miles in planes before the age of one, according to a survey.
Air travel can leave skin tight and dehydrated, and Murad products are the solution to preventing in-flight skin damage and enable jet-setters to arrive with spa-soft skin.
Jet-setters in Northwest Arkansas now have a new way to take to the skies: a Bell 206B Jet Ranger turbine helicopter.