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in jest

For fun; as a joke; without sincerity. I know your remarks were only in jest, but they still hurt my feelings.
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there's many a true word spoken in jest

The things that one jokes about may in fact be true or become true. She might sound happy, but I'm not convinced—there's many a true word spoken in jest.
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jest about someone or something

to make jokes about someone or something. There is no need to jest about Lady Bracknell. I wish you would not jest about that.
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jest at someone or something

to make fun of someone or something. Please don't jest at my cousin. Is someone jesting at my hairdo?
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jest with someone

to joke with someone; to try to fool someone. Surely you are jesting with me. Don't jest with me!
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Many a true word is spoken in jest.

 and There's many a true word spoken in jest.
Prov. Just because something is said as a joke, it can still be true. Fred: Why did you make a joke about my being stingy? Do you really think I'm cheap? Ellen: Of course not, don't be silly. It was just a joke. Fred: But many a true word is spoken in jest.
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in ˈjest

as a joke: The remark was made half in jest.‘Many a true word is spoken in jest,’ thought Rosie (= people often say things as a joke that are actually true).
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As has been the form in previous years, Jesting About will document the comedy stylings of a wide range of talents, including stand-up, musical, poetic and sketch comedy.
For years women have been under-represented in the world of comedy, with Jesting About we've discovered six women comedians so hopefully we're getting some balance along the way.
The two, aged 23 and 18, separately sent comedy ideas to the North-east talent search, also called Jesting About, which was run by the BBC and Northern Film and Media.
A culture of predatory wit in early modern courtly circles suggests that Antonio and Sebastian's acidic jesting in The Tempest is not a trivial subject.
My investigation reveals that the following oral genres, mainly from the oral literature of the Moose, have been re-injected into the novel: the proverb and the slogan, the tale and the legend, the song and, finally, the jesting alliance and relationship.
In the temporary "museum"--a private space with a lightly jesting claim to institutional status--photographs, objects, drawings, and projections were brought together in a loose gathering of references.
Brown considers the representation of women within jesting literature as well as women's "unwritten" roles as joke tellers and audience members, and she challenges the assumptions that early modern humor always presented women as the "humiliated butts of jokes" or the "passive auditors of men's jests" (2).
The restrictions on laughter in etiquette books of the era were consistent with a moderate appreciation of the value of jesting, rather than an outright restriction against it.
More than 1,200 costumed performers dressed in Elizabethan garb will treat visitors like royalty, entertaining them with music and song, jousting, jesting and juggling, magic, comedy and a bit of theater.
Emanating the star wattage of Tom and Nicole, the acting duo are jesting their way through a Los Angeles photo shoot to promote their starring roles in the Bailiwick Theatre staging of Larry Kramer's Just Say No, a play that takes on the AIDS-blindness of President Reagan's America.
Yes, I jest--though all of the data I just presented are true--and yes, I needed to point out quickly that I was jesting.
A talent scout for the radio show Jesting About is currently out and about in the region on the look-out for comedians who can pull off a BBC-worthy stand-up routine.
Nevertheless, their success was only achieved through decades of protracted struggle, and thinks to large doses of humor as well as jesting responses to police harassment.
Bob was front and centre in the audience at Newcastle's Tyneside Cinema for the show-and-tell culmination of Jesting About, a collaborative project between the BBC and Northern Film and Media, aimed at unearthing new comedy talent in the North East.
Jesting About is a collaborative project between the BBC and regional agency Northern Film and Media, aimed at giving funny people from the region the opportunity to attend masterclasses, workshops and mentoring sessions in the run up to a string of broadcasting opportunities in 2011.