jest with

jest with someone

to joke with someone; to try to fool someone. Surely you are jesting with me. Don't jest with me!
See also: jest
References in classic literature ?
as to the king," said Monk, "fear nothing, my dear Monsieur d'Artagnan; the king will not jest with Monk, I assure you!"
"Zounds!" says he, "I was but in jest with the fellow.
It is good, in discourse and speech of conversation, to vary and intermingle speech of the present occasion, with arguments, tales with reasons, asking of questions, with telling of opinions, and jest with earnest: for it is a dull thing to tire, and, as we say now, to jade, any thing too far.
Given what he achieves in the rest of the book, one might wish that Burn had reserved these pages for additional insights into the novel itself, but since he has set himself the task of placing the novel in "a larger literary and cultural matrix", this attempt to connect Infinite Jest with the later work is understandable (Burn 2012: x).
We'd jest with him about his pipe smoking and about his strong accent.