jest about

jest about (someone or something)

To make joking, witty, or amusing remarks about or at the expense of someone or something. If people could only hear the way those snobbish politicians jested about the economic crisis at the gala event. There would be a revolution, I tell you! Several employees were jesting about the new manager in the break room.
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jest about someone or something

to make jokes about someone or something. There is no need to jest about Lady Bracknell. I wish you would not jest about that.
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References in classic literature ?
How can the king have the heart to jest about a man who has rendered him so many and such great services?
Scientists jest about making so-called quantum computers from cups of coffee (SN: 1/18/97, p.
"Jest about the way we're headed now," he said, and taken the gun from me and opened it and put one shell in the britch and taken up the compass, and I taken Dan's reins and we started, with him in front with the compass in his hand.