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slang A rude, contemptible, or worthless person. Gosh, Sarah is such a jerk, you know? I asked her to help me out, and she said she just didn't feel like it! Ugh, they gave Tom the promotion? That jerk thinks he's better than everyone else, but he's totally incompetent.
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and gerk (gɚk)
n. an elderly simpleton; an old nerd. (Acronym. From geriatric and jerk.) A couple of “gerks” sat on the park bench, snoozing.


n. a stupid or worthless person. (Now both males and females.) You are such a classic jerk!


n. the delirium tremens. The old guy has the jerks.
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That makes it easier to remove the RCU without twisting and jerking the cables.
Several months later, he developed intermittent, random, low-amplitude, lightning-like jerking movements of the extremities.
For example, as soon as he placed his pince-nez on his nose, he felt compelled to continually readjust its position, occasionally jerking back his head for a better focus.
For example, a jerking of the hand to the face may seem nonsensical to a Touretter at first.