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vulgar slang A man who frequently or habitually masturbates. From the vulgar slang term "jerk off."


Something, especially a work such as book or film, that evokes such a strong emotional reaction that it literally makes one cry. Sometimes hyphenated as "tear-jerker." The book tells the story of a boy searching for his real family, and it's a tearjerker from start to finish. I don't normally cry at movies, but that ending was a tear-jerker! Her graduation speech was a real tearjerker.
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1. n. a drunkard; an alcoholic. (Because of visible shaking.) Some of the jerkers have the DTs.
2. n. a heavy user of cocaine. (Drugs. Refers to tremors and nervous activity caused by too much cocaine.) The jerkers who need immediate treatment are sent from ER up to detox.
3. n. a male who masturbates habitually. (Usually objectionable.) He’s s jerker. He doesn’t need women.
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