jerk away

jerk something away (from someone, something, or an animal)

to snatch something away or quickly pull something back from someone or an animal. I jerked the bone away from the dog. Kelly jerked the ant poison away from the child. Mary jerked her hand away from the fire.
See also: away, jerk
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That said, Washington's Rick Neuheisel went way overboard and is lucky the Huskies didn't jerk away the life preserver last week when he was caught not only telling a lie to reporters, but having the university put out a false statement on its Web page after he'd also misled his boss about his interest in becoming the head coach of the 49ers.
If the snake does bite, do not attempt to jerk away.
I can touch him and hold his hand - before he would jerk away from me.
While Elvira was sewing up lunch, Digger came up behind her real quiet like and had both hands around her waist before she could jerk away.
It's like when you jerk away our electricity it takes people back down to the stuff that really matters: their hearts and souls.