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in jeopardy

In danger or at risk; imperiled. The recent scandal put her hopes of election in jeopardy. The company's entire future is in jeopardy if we can't find more investors.
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in jeopardy

to be at risk; to be at peril. John puts himself in jeopardy every time he goes skydiving. I was in jeopardy when my car broke down on the deserted road.
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place someone or something in jeopardy

to put someone or something at risk. Do you realize that what you just said places all of us in jeopardy? She has placed the entire project in jeopardy.
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put someone or something in(to) jeopardy

to put someone or something into danger. What you just said puts Bill into jeopardy. It puts his plans in jeopardy.
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A jeopardy assessment causes all taxes, penalties, and interest to become immediately due and payable.
The remedies available to a taxpayer against whom the IRS has made a jeopardy or termination assessment are generally the same as those available to a normal taxpayer.
10) While at least one appellate court implied that Article 44 and the Fifth Amendment Double Jeopardy Clause provide equal protections, a closer look demonstrates that their interplay is more complicated.
Because of the riddles, confusion, and mystery of the Double Jeopardy Clause, this article dissects these complimentary double jeopardy shields by studying their application in a Diaz factual scenario.
31) Indeed, since 2003 New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia have passed some variant of the "new and compelling" evidence exception to the double jeopardy rule.
While the precise origins of the rule against double jeopardy remain lost to the "mists of time," (36) the prohibition has existed in some form since "Greek and Roman Times.
The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits double jeopardy and applies to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment.
Ann Ming, Julie's mother, campaigned long and hard for the double jeopardy law to be changed, but it was another case that led to the scrapping of this archaic law.
Instead, along with about 40 other young people ages 9 to 18, he spends his afternoons in the dilapidated building at Woodman Avenue and Oxnard Street that houses Jeopardy.
The reform of the double jeopardy rule, that someone who has been acquitted cannot be tried twice for the same offence, came into force in April this year under the 2003 Criminal Justice Act.
He later admitted he was guilty of the crime but could not be prosecuted because of the double jeopardy law, which says people cannot be tried twice for the same crime.
CAMEROON'S Joseph Desire Job said his World Cup hopes could be in jeopardy after failing to play regularly for French first division club Metz.
The Double Jeopardy Clause of the federal Constitution provides: ".
The ALJ also dismissed most of the deficiencies that had been issued against the facility, including two at the immediate jeopardy level, and reduced the fine by more than 80%.
1) Legal commentators, to say nothing of law students, lawyers, and judges, generally find the land of double jeopardy an arid and disquieting place.