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in jeopardy

In danger or at risk; imperiled. The recent scandal put her hopes of election in jeopardy. The company's entire future is in jeopardy if we can't find more investors.
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in jeopardy

to be at risk; to be at peril. John puts himself in jeopardy every time he goes skydiving. I was in jeopardy when my car broke down on the deserted road.
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place someone or something in jeopardy

to put someone or something at risk. Do you realize that what you just said places all of us in jeopardy? She has placed the entire project in jeopardy.
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put someone or something in(to) jeopardy

to put someone or something into danger. What you just said puts Bill into jeopardy. It puts his plans in jeopardy.
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A jeopardy assessment causes all taxes, penalties, and interest to become immediately due and payable.
The remedies available to a taxpayer against whom the IRS has made a jeopardy or termination assessment are generally the same as those available to a normal taxpayer.
Several procedures may minimize the negative effects of a jeopardy or termination assessment.
com/UsonsSbCIK - Ghetto Jeopardy (@RatchetJeopardy) (https://twitter.
10) While at least one appellate court implied that Article 44 and the Fifth Amendment Double Jeopardy Clause provide equal protections, a closer look demonstrates that their interplay is more complicated.
Because of the riddles, confusion, and mystery of the Double Jeopardy Clause, this article dissects these complimentary double jeopardy shields by studying their application in a Diaz factual scenario.
Many courts declare that the protection against double jeopardy is a fundamental right of man or universal law.
Ken Jennings, who once won 74 Jeopardy games in a row, is the 5/2 to win the show that will be screened over three days from February 14-16.
As in the United States, (11) the principle of double jeopardy previously provided "absolute" protection for Dunlop.
In light of these reports, Parliament began work on a revision to the double jeopardy rule in 2002.
31) Indeed, since 2003 New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia have passed some variant of the "new and compelling" evidence exception to the double jeopardy rule.
Under American double jeopardy law, a person acquitted of a murder cannot be retried for that murder.
In England, the policy crusade to change the double jeopardy laws was led by the mother of murder victim Julie Hogg, whose case is described above.
In England and Wales double jeopardy was changed last year.
Because of the double jeopardy law Dunlop could not be retried for the murder.