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like nailing jelly to the wall

Incredibly difficult or impossible, such that it could be seen as a foolish or worthless endeavor to attempt. Trying to have a reasonable debate with her father is like nailing jelly to the wall. If they can't secure a victory here, climbing back to spot in the finals will be like nailing jelly to the wall.
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be/feel like ˈjelly

(also turn to ˈjelly) (of legs or knees) feel weak because you are nervous or frightened.: She couldn’t move — her head was swimming, her mouth was dry and her legs felt like jelly.
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shake like a ˈjelly/ˈleaf

(informal) shake with fear; be very afraid or nervous: Before I went into the exam room I was shaking like a leaf.
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n. jelly sandals; colorful shoes made from soft, flexible plastic. (From jelly bean.) Jellies will crack in this weather.
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jelly babies

n. an amphetamine tablet or capsule. (Drugs.) Are there any jelly babies in this neighborhood?
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