jeer at

jeer at (someone or something)

To mock, taunt, or scoff at someone or something. Everyone in school jeered at me for wearing a pink sweater. Why don't you contribute some of your own suggestions instead of sitting there jeering at mine?
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jeer at someone or something

to poke fun at someone; to make rude sounds at someone. Please stop jeering at my cousin! The others just jeered at my idea.
See also: jeer
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References in classic literature ?
Why, simply, to make fun of an old woman--to deride, to hiss, to jeer at an actress they once worshipped, but whose beauty is faded now and whose voice has lost its former richness.
I accept, 100 per cent, that fans pay their money and are therefore entitled to shout, boo or jeer at whoever they want.
FANS of US rockers My Chemical Romance were warned not to jeer at Girls Aloud or they would be kicked out of the audience of a late night music show.
That's why I believe it's now time to move on and remember that a boo or a jeer at Dyer is a boo or jeer against Newcastle United.