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jeer at someone or something

to poke fun at someone; to make rude sounds at someone. Please stop jeering at my cousin! The others just jeered at my idea.
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I accept, 100 per cent, that fans pay their money and are therefore entitled to shout, boo or jeer at whoever they want.
Unsurprisingly, Kalmadi was the only public figure at the closing ceremony to be greeted and sent off with jeers, which grew louder when he thanked his secretary-general, Lalit Bhanot, who brought disgrace to India with his off-hand remarks on complaints from athletes on the poor hygiene standards at the Commonwealth Games Village.
The group, however, continued to jeer, finally provoking the governor to shout, ''Get out.
JEER returns to Newmarket tomorrow just over a week after he won there and he can repeat the dose in the Frontrunner For Windows Handicap (2.
IRVINE - They came prepared with homemade signs and witty chants, ready to jeer Cal State Northridge junior guard Mike Efevberha in the same arena that he had once heard so many cheers.
SIR - It was very disheartening to watch on TV many of the estimated 35,000 fans in the Cardiff arena jeer, whistle and boo the American National Anthem before the fight between Joe Calzaghe and Peter Manfredo.
So they have every right to jeer if they are not happy.
FANS of US rockers My Chemical Romance were warned not to jeer at Girls Aloud or they would be kicked out of the audience of a late night music show.
The New York Post's headline was 'Soccer Fans Boo Pontiff', while USA Today stated: 'Scottish Soccer Fans Jeer During Tribute to Pope.
Judging by the jeers, his absence has not made hearts grow fonder.
Summary: LONDON: Rafael Benitez was the target of angry jeers and taunts from fans of his .
Joseph O'Brien had the crowd jeering when he raced alone round the wide outside on Imperial Monarch, but jeers changed to cheers when he won.
Long lines, gaining weight, and going in to debt among the biggest jeers
Obviously there were a few jeers but as a player I can handle that and they are fully entitled to their opinion.
The former Bristol Rovers player proved unpopular during a seven month stint as City manager in the late 1990s - and there were loud jeers from Aston Gate fans as he walked to the dugout before kick off.