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A mild exclamation of surprise, astonishment, fear, or delight. Jeepers, you scared me! I didn't think anyone was home. A: "I just found out that they want to promote me to General Manager!" B: "Well, jeepers, Tom—that's great news!"

jeepers creepers

A mild exclamation of surprise, astonishment, fear, or delight. A: "I just found out that they want to promote me to General Manager!" B: "Jeepers creeper, Tom—that's great news!" Jeepers creepers, don't sneak up on me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!
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exclam. Wow! Jeepers-creepers! I’m sorry!


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jeepers creepers!

An interjection of surprise or delight. The equivalent of “no kidding!” or “wow!” depending on the context, the phrase came from a 1938 popular song first sung by Louis “Sachmo” Armstrong in the movie Going Places. The chorus began, “Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those peepers? / Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those eyes?”
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Punjab Minister for Higher Education and Tourism Development Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz hosted a dinner for the jeepers on Saturday night.
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11 Jeepers peepers Tried and tested, smoothing serums for bright eyes.
Plus there's reference to the songbooks of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald The orchestra's albums include Jeepers Creepers and My Favourite Things, with tracks A String Of Pearls and The Story of A Starry Night.
The David Berger Jazz Orchestra presents Sing Me A Love Song: Harry Warren's Undiscovered Standards, a music CD featuring vocal performances by Freda Payne and Denzal Sinclaire bringing to life previously unrecorded and unpublished melodies by three-time Academy Award-winning composer Harry Warren (1893-1981)--the creator of such timeless hits as "Lullaby of Broadway", "At Last", and "Jeepers Creepers".
Style: Levis, pounds 35, Harley Davidson T-Shirt, pounds 15, Converse pounds 18, Jeepers Peepers sunglasses, pounds 15.
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