the heebie-jeebies

An extreme or acute sensation of fear, apprehension, worry, or anxiety. Often used with "get" or "give." I always get the heebie-jeebies when I walk through a graveyard. All these ghost stories are giving me the heebie-jeebies.

give (one) the heebie-jeebies

To cause one to feel extreme or acute sensation of fear, apprehension, worry, or anxiety. Walking through a graveyard always gives me the heebie-jeebies. All these ghost stories are giving me the heebie-jeebies.
See also: give

give somebody the ˈwillies/heebie-ˈjeebies/ˈcreeps

(informal) make somebody feel nervous or afraid: Being alone in this old house gives me the willies.He gives me the creeps. He’s got such strange eyes.
See also: creep, give, somebody, willies


and heeby-jeebies (ˈhibiˈdʒibiz)
n. an extreme case of anxiety or fear. I have the heebie-jeebies whenever I go to the dentist.




Anxiety or fear. Records indicate that “heebie-Jeebies” first appeared in print in a 1923 newspaper cartoon by one Billy DeBeck, in which a character says, “You dumb ox—why don't you get that stupid look offa your pan—you gimme the heeby jeebys!” The spelling changed over the years, as witnessed by its inclusion a year later in the “Alabamy Bound” popularized by the Paul Whitman Orchestra: “I'm Alabamy bound, there'll be no heebie-jeebies hanging 'round . . .”
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Armed with bodies, cof-fins, eyeballs, spiders, monsters and witches, the dad-of-two does such a good job, he gives young and old on his street the heebie jeebies.
Heebie Jeebies, in Seel Street, welcomes 16 independent businesses through its doors where visitors can take their pick from vinyl LPs, vintage clothing, and even a selection of taxidermy
He could see Hibs s uffering from the Hearts s uffering from the Hearts heebie jeebies back then heebie jeebies back then and insisted the Easter and insisted the Easter Road men will need to Road men will need to conquer their derby conquer their derby demons to have any demons to have any chance of winning the chance of winning the fight for second in the fight for second in the Championship.
After Frightday first- day shows played out on Friday, the heebie jeebies are back.
Consider the tarantula: a large, hairy spider 6 or rather, a group of 900 kinds of large hairy spiders -- that is practically guaranteed to induce screaming heebies and jeebies in most people.
Directors Graham Clarke and Peter Antonio, who also run Heebie Jeebies and The Peacock, said that despite its popularity the business was not profitable.
I think it was just the image of teeth in a tumbler that gave me the heebie jeebies.
This time, the heeby jeebies are provided by a family of furless werecats that can change their shape to look like humans and must drink the life force (whatever that is) of virgins to survive.
The group was performing a song called "Heebie Jeebies.
Ryan visited Soho and Baa Baa in Concert Square, Tiki Joe's in Slater Street and Black Rabbit and Heebie Jeebies, on Seel Street.
S Incidentally, it's not the thought of Scotland leaving the UK that gives the banks the heebie jeebies, it's the threat of quitting Europe, which really puts the financial wind up them - something those who are dead against both a Yes vote and the EU might ponder.
If spiders give you the heebie jeebies this is NOT the movie for you.
Joseph Brian Musumeci, 28, and Jordan Musumeci, 22, face allegations of grievous bodily harm with intent and assault in relation to the incident outside Heebie Jeebies nightclub on August 8.
Home to clubs like the Masque, Heebie Jeebies and Zanzibar, it caters for the cooler musical tastes - but you'll also find hallowed institutions like the Blue Angel and Irish bar Pogue Mahone.
Just because he's a bit on the short side it might not be PC to say it, but this creep gives me the heebie jeebies.