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cream (one's) jeans

vulgar slang To be or become sexually aroused, or to be so overcome by excitement or delight as to resemble that state. I creamed my jeans when he came onto the stage with his shirt off. I'm creaming my jeans at the thought of going to Paris this summer.
See also: cream, jean

cream in (one's) jeans

1. To ejaculate in one's pants.
2. By extension, to become overly excited about something. Dude, I know you're hungry, but don't cream in your jeans, it's just a candy bar.
See also: cream, jean

mom jeans

High-waisted, somewhat loose-fitting jeans said to look like those stereotypically worn by middle-aged moms. The phrase can be used to characterize such jeans as unflattering or simply as a label for the particular fit, which became fashionable after the emergence of the term. Ladies, we're going out tonight, so don't wear your mom jeans! It seems that mom jeans have become the new uniform for hipster girls this summer.
See also: jean, mom

cream your jeans

experience strong emotions of delight and excitement. informal
The expression is based on the idea of sexual excitement so overwhelmingly strong as to cause inadvertent emissions.
See also: cream, jean

cream (in) one’s pants

and cream one’s jeans
in. [for a male] to ejaculate in his pants from excessive sexual excitement. (Usually objectionable.) She makes me want to cream my pants. The kid creamed his jeans in the nudie movie.
See also: cream, pant

cream one’s jeans

See also: cream, jean

cream (one's) jeans

/panties Vulgar Slang
To be excited or delighted about something.
See also: cream, jean
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