jazzed up

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jazz up

To make something fancier, more festive, more exciting, etc., often through some form of adornment. I've decided to jazz up my wardrobe with some statement shoes and other funky accessories. You need to add some excitement your story—jazz it up a bit.
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jazzed up

1. Fancier, more festive, more interesting, more exciting, etc. I know the girls want to spend a few hours getting jazzed up before we go out tonight. Your writing is solid, but the plot could stand to be jazzed up a bit.
2. slang Very excited, enthusiastic, or confident. I'm getting really jazzed up about moving to New York next month to start my master's degree! Everyone is pretty jazzed up about our chances at winning the championship this weekend.
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jazzed (up)

1. mod. alert; having a positive state of mind. Those guys were jazzed and ready for the game.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Dave was a bit jazzed up, but not terribly.
3. mod. enhanced; with something added; having been made more enticing. It was jazzed enough to have the police chief around asking questions.
4. mod. forged or altered. (see also tinseled.) Better not try to cash a jazzed up check at this bank.
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