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slang Vagina. The term was popularized after being used on a 2006 episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, whose writers chose it due to censors' objection to multiple instances of the word "vagina." I'd really rather not have to talk about my vajayjay in front of your parents, so let's not bring up the birthing class.

Peter Jay

slang A police officer, or the police in general. I can't even walk down the street these days without Peter Jay hassling me for no damn reason!
See also: jay, peter


and jay
n. a marijuana cigarette; marijuana. (Drugs. From the initial letter of joint.) A jay will cost you two clams.


See J

Peter Jay

n. a nickname for a police officer. You walk straight, or Peter Jay is going to bust you.
See also: jay, peter


n. dope; junk. (Underworld. Pig Latin for junk.) The creep deals in unk-jay, you know—narcotics. Stay away from the unk-jay.
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In new pictures released ahead of the episode, Jay and Ben square up, with Jay then seemingly punching his mate in the face.
In an interview with Nils Randlev Hundebol in April 2013, Jay remembered how the cold climate of the Grand Forks Air Force Base motivated his next move: "The air base that I was assigned to was about as Arctic a region in the continental United States that one can imagine.
Even in his retirement, Jay demonstrated concern for the republic he helped establish by offering political commentary from his home in Bedford, New York.
The Black Eyed Peas singer won a tense battle with Welsh crooner Tom Jones to work with 24-year-old Jay.
If, as a result, more citizens discover the life and contribution of Jay and seek to learn more about him, Stahr will have made a valuable contribution to civic life.
When the hoarders revisited the trays in private, the birds who'd been watched by a dominant bird during the first episode shifted more treats to other hiding places than did birds watched by a subordinate, a mate, or no other jay.
The magnificent 62 acre John Jay Homestead was home to six generations of the Jay family and has been meticulously maintained to provide visitors with an opportunity to experience history first hand.
Jay points to the building and says, "I should go there and get my license next time I skate here.
After examining these "branches" of experience and the disciplines that have grown up around them, Jay turns to three major intellectual movements of the twentieth century--pragmatism, critical theory (the Frankfurt School version), and post-structuralism--and the way in which these movements reconsidered the concept of experience in relation to the changes brought about by modernity.
Western scrub jays are blue, foot-long birds found in woodlands and chaparrals from Texas to Washington.
Now Greg says he plans to sue Jay - a self-confessed drug user - for defamation of character, saying he is devastated by the end of their long-standing friendship.
Louden, who administers the program at John Jay, and an enigmatic "middleman" named Lawrence J.
And page through Jay & Silent Bob: Chasing Dogma (Oni Press, $11.
Conversely, Roy Jay insists that small businesses do their homework.