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slang A vagina. The term was popularized after being used on a 2006 episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, whose writers chose it due to censors' objection to multiple instances of the word "vagina." I'd really rather not have to talk about my vajayjay in front of your parents, so let's not bring up the birthing class.

Peter Jay

slang A police officer, or the police in general. I can't even walk down the street these days without Peter Jay hassling me for no damn reason!
See also: jay, peter


and jay
n. a marijuana cigarette; marijuana. (Drugs. From the initial letter of joint.) A jay will cost you two clams.


See J

Peter Jay

n. a nickname for a police officer. You walk straight, or Peter Jay is going to bust you.
See also: jay, peter


n. dope; junk. (Underworld. Pig Latin for junk.) The creep deals in unk-jay, you know—narcotics. Stay away from the unk-jay.
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Jay had been in the mental health system from the age of 12 and had complex mental health issues that affected every part of his life.
By the end of his second year at the community college, Jay discovered he was enjoying academics, and his professors urged him to pursue an engineering degree.
Observations of Mexican jays preying on bats occurred in two different Mexican jay flocks around the South western Research Station in Portal, Arizona.
Jay, who has Down's Syndrome, has won over the hearts of football fans round the world.
Along with his legal successes, Jay married into the prominent Livingston family, a connection that would draw him into the political conflict.
Jay and thirteen-year-old Alex share a love of Mexican Coke and Googling random curiosities, but Alex turns moody and distant.
There's a mining planet where she represents the corporation, Jay decided.
Jay had been a special guest at Hamilton's New Douglas Park when he netted from the spot and Accies chiefs have now said the goal will stand.
When I became pregnant with Jay, a planned pregnancy, my daughter, Jay's only older sibling, was just 7 months old.
Before leaving, Jay learns that Jun was killed as part of Duterte's initiative.
Stoked to be a part of his next film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
We lost everything," Jay Van tells The Manila Bulletin.
During Season 6 of the TLC series, Ashley learned Jay downloaded a dating app shortly after the Las Vegas wedding.
Jay had been fighting severe mental health problems from an early age and had been hospitalised with anorexia at the age of just 13.