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slang Vagina. The term was popularized after being used on a 2006 episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, whose writers chose it due to censors' objection to multiple instances of the word "vagina." I'd really rather not have to talk about my vajayjay in front of your parents, so let's not bring up the birthing class.


and jay
n. a marijuana cigarette; marijuana. (Drugs. From the initial letter of joint.) A jay will cost you two clams.


See J

Peter Jay

n. a nickname for a police officer. You walk straight, or Peter Jay is going to bust you.
See also: jay, peter


n. dope; junk. (Underworld. Pig Latin for junk.) The creep deals in unk-jay, you know—narcotics. Stay away from the unk-jay.
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Reportedly, for Rihanna Jay Z is like a father figure and the speculations of him having an affair with her are baseless.
Designed by JAY Z, the fragrance is in a pure white matte flask with the GOLD JAY Z logo raised and etched in gold.
THE Voice star Jay Norton has received some inside help in his bid for fame - from a vocal coach working on the show.
Although not at the Constitutional convention, Jay played a critical role in insuring ratification in the important state of New York--it was Jay's logic and personality which swayed the Anti-federalist majority to approve it, rather than Hamilton's oratorical fireworks.
The crow paid no heed to the scolding jay as it continued feeding.
Growing up the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker must have been, to put it mildly, a fairly surreal experience, but Jay Bakker appears to have survived, sanity relatively intact.
She said: "Little Kaine is heartbroken as Jay was like a father to him.
In the thief-ridden world of western scrub jays, a bird storing food takes note of any other jay that watches it and later defends the hoard accordingly, says a new study.
Fee Real Estate co-sponsored the arts and crafts tent and the petting zoo at the John Jay Homestead Children's Day in Bedford, NY on Sunday, July 17.
Each afternoon Hawaii locals Grant Fukuda, Gary Owens, Jay Adams, and a handful of others would show up to session the bowl as the sun would set.
Early on in his account of the intellectual history of experience, Jay celebrates Michel de Montaigne's sixteenth-century attempt to remain open to every new possibility.
Yes, there's sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll in this story, but they are integral to the non-formulaic plot, with Jay making surprising decisions and facing strange situations.
JAMIROQUAI star Jay Kay is facing court action after accusing one of his closest friends of carrying out a burglary at his home.
In early July, several members of Communist China's Public Security Bureau (PSB), that regime's equivalent to the Soviet KGB, attended a seminar at New York City's John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York.
Or take another look at last year's Dogma, Smith's playful dissection of Catholic theology: Jay (of the scruffy duo Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Smith in all of Smith's films to date) challenges Rufus (Chris Rock), the 13th apostle, to reveal one of Jay's secrets; Rufus announces that Jay masturbates to images of guys.