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1. noun An impudent answer or response; back talk. A: "Tommy, please clean your room." B: "Go clean it yourself!" A: "Give me jaw like that again and I'll tan your hide!"
2. noun Idle conversation; chit-chat. Would you two give the jaw a rest and get to work already?
3. verb To talk or chat, often idly, excessively, or at length. Those two could spend all morning jawing about celebrity gossip. OK, everyone stop jawing so we can get this meeting started.
4. verb To talk, lecture, or preach. OK, everyone, I know I've been jawing at you all morning, so why don't we take a short break? She spent the whole evening jawing at me about her boring research on insect biology.

jaw (one) down

slang To speak to one in a very forceful, authoritarian, or condescending manner. The boss jawed me down in front of everyone for being late to the meeting. A couple of students began protesting the teacher's decision, but she jawed them down.
See also: down, jaw

jaw about (someone or something)

To chat or gossip idly or aimlessly about someone or something. They always spend their lunch break jawing about the people in the company they don't like. She spent the whole evening jawing about her boring insect research.
See also: jaw

jaw at (one)

To talk, lecture, or preach to one, especially at length or in a very boring manner. OK, everyone, I know I've been jawing at you all morning, so why don't we take a short break? She spent the whole evening jawing at me about her boring research on insect biology.
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jaw away

To talk incessantly and/or at great length. I became so bored while the professor jawed away at us that I nearly fell asleep in the middle of the lecture. Whenever I meet up with Tammy, our "conversation" is always just her jawing away while I listen patiently on.
See also: away, jaw


1. With one's mouth hanging open, as due to surprise or dim-wittedness. I had to clear away the people who were standing slack-jawed on the side of the road, staring at the car wreck.
2. Moronic; very slow or dim-witted. I tried asking for directions at the gas station, but there was just some slack-jawed yokel working behind the counter.
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1. n. a chat. I could use a good jaw with my old friend.
2. in. to chat. Stop jawing and get to work.
3. Go to jaw(bone).


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