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a jaundiced eye

A biased view. I used to think that Chris was a good kid, but ever since I overhead him bragging about cheating on an exam, I've seen him with a jaundiced eye.
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jaundiced eye, (look on) with a

Seeing only the faults or bad side. This term is based on the old belief that to a person suffering from jaundice (a condition in which the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow), everything looks yellow. John Webster put it into so many words in The White Devil (1.2): “They that have the yellow jaundice think all objects they look on to be yellow” (1612). The expression long survived the belief and was a cliché by 1800 or so.
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2 About 60% of term newborns become visibly jaundiced in the first week of life.
Being a hospital based study done only in jaundiced patients requiring phototherapy, it does not reflect the prevalence of G6PD deficiency in the entire population of Assam.
G6PD assay should be included in all jaundiced neonates for earlier detection and timely prevention of complication like kernictrus.
83] As an evaluation index of PBD the bilirubin level seems to be rising with advances in medical technology, but experience indicates that the role of liver function in jaundiced patients is also an important factor affecting prognosis.
Preer and Phillip (2011) highlight a study suggesting that higher levels of epidermal growth factors (EGF) were present in jaundiced breastfed infants and their mother's breast milk.
Likewise, Laeeq et al18 from King Edward College Lahore, carried out a similar research on 105 healthy full term jaundiced neonates.
14) Yet the assessment of stool colour is not routine to well-baby-care practice, and pale stools are not recognized as being abnormal in jaundiced infants.
A wide array of special investigations, including expensive and invasive procedures, is now available for evaluating the jaundiced patient with suspected biliary obstruction.
Immediate exchange transfusion is recommended in any infant who is jaundiced with signs of the acute bilirubin encephalopathy including hypertonia, arching, retrocollis and opisthotonos (head and heels drawn back), fever, and high-pitched cry--even if the bilirubin is decreasing (AAP, 2004) (see Table 4).
Thurlow's second-in-command is a jaundiced, malaria-ridden Navy lieutenant commander whose name is John E Kennedy.
The most common risk factors are breast-feeding, history of a jaundiced sibling, gestational age under 38 weeks, and jaundice before discharge.
We report the concentrations of copper in healthy and jaundiced full-term and premature infants and their correlations with hemoglobin, bilirubin, and liver enzymes.
One month later, she felt better, was no longer jaundiced, and results of her liver function tests were generally normal.
I am also due to deliver very soon and I am worried my baby will be jaundiced, too.