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jar on (one)

1. To shake, rattle, or vibrate something violently. Some force began jarring on the safety harnesses, and I feared that they could give out entirely. The bumpy carriage ride jarred on my backside.
2. To cause an unpleasant or painful sensation for a part of one's body. The cacophony created by the dozens of birds flying overhead really jarred on our ears. Having so many clashing colors is really going to jar on your audience's eyes. Traveling between so many different time zones that frequently must be very jarring on your body.
3. To create an unpleasant, conflicting, or discordant impression with one. The book is supposed to be set in an ancient time of high fantasy, so I think the characters' use of modern slang and colloquialisms is going to jar on many readers. Something about what Sarah said was jarring on me, but I couldn't put my finger on it.
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jar on someone or something

to bother someone or some-one's nerves. (Similar to jangle on something.) Her voice really jars on me. My brash manner jars on her, I guess.
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