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made in Japan

A phrase printed on objects (or on the labels attached to objects) that have been produced in factories in Japan.
1. dated Indicative of poorly or cheaply made products from Japan. A: "I can't believe that table fell apart in less than a year." B: "Made in Japan, right?" I took up pottery because I was sick of using flimsy plastic cups that had "Made in Japan" printed on them.
2. Indicative of innovative, well-made products from Japan or Japanese companies. A: "My Nikon DSLR is the best camera I've ever had." B: "Would you expect anything less? Made in Japan, after all."
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when (something) sneezes, (something else) catches a cold

When a person, group, or entity has a problem or experiences a negative situation, a related person, group, or entity will consequently have a worse problem or will experience a more negative situation. When Paris sneezes, Europe catches a cold. Terrorism in France affects security throughout the continent.
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when the US/UK/China, etc. sneezes, Japan/Germany, etc. catches cold


when the US/UK/China, etc. sneezes, Japan/Germany, etc. catches a cold

mainly BRITISH
If you say that when a particular country sneezes, another catches cold, or catches a cold, you mean that what happens to the first country has a great effect or influence on the second. And when the American economy sneezes, the City of London catches cold. As they say, when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold.
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