jangle on

jangle on (something)

1. To cause something to make a discordant, tinkling metallic sound. I could hear from the depths of the dungeon the sound of prisoners jangling on their shackles. He was so nervous that he kept jangling on the coins in his pocket.
2. To induce fear, upset, anxiety, or irritation in someone. "On" is usually followed by "nerves" or something with similar meaning. The constant sound of gunshots jangled on my nerves to no end. Her cold, cutting remarks jangled on my heart for the whole journey home.
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jangle on something

1. Fig. to ring a bell incessantly. Will you stop jangling on that doorbell! Who is jangling on that bell?
2. Fig. to irritate someone's nerves; to make someone nervous. All that noise jangles on my nerves. Too much chattering jangles on Ken's nerves.
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