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jangle (one's) nerves

To cause one to feel very nervous, anxious, or uneasy. I'm sorry I snapped at you. Knowing that the driving test is tomorrow has jangled my nerves. Don't listen to Todd—he's just trying to jangle your nerves before the big game.
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jangle on (something)

1. To cause something to make a discordant, tinkling metallic sound. I could hear from the depths of the dungeon the sound of prisoners jangling on their shackles. He was so nervous that he kept jangling on the coins in his pocket.
2. To induce fear, upset, anxiety, or irritation in someone. "On" is usually followed by "nerves" or something with similar meaning. The constant sound of gunshots jangled on my nerves to no end. Her cold, cutting remarks jangled on my heart for the whole journey home.
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jangle on something

1. Fig. to ring a bell incessantly. Will you stop jangling on that doorbell! Who is jangling on that bell?
2. Fig. to irritate someone's nerves; to make someone nervous. All that noise jangles on my nerves. Too much chattering jangles on Ken's nerves.
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The six-months cycling journey started off in Ramotswa and Ms Jangle said her finish point would be in December where she would be performing for the New Year's festivities at the Kiliki Festival in Kenya.
That might cure the jingle jangle but would the extra weight cause her to limp?
"He sexually exploited them and also forced them to have sex with other children for making pornographic films," Jangle claimed.
There's a new sheriff in town who probably won't tremble at the jangle of your chasm-deep pockets.
"Jangle Jangle Jangle I'm a bangle-holding stand / Nosy nosy nosy I'm a posy, I smell grand / Faster Faster Faster I'm a rooster, I can fly / Creeping creeping creeping I am peeping, I'm a spy"
Evan Williams admits the nerves are starting to jangle as stable star State Of Play enters the final stages of his Cheltenham preparations.
THE jangle of bells and the knocking of wood will be heard in Birmingham when a troop of Morris dancers descend on the city.
1, CONGOTRONICS 1 (CRAMMED) This incredible band from Kinshasa, founded more than twenty-five years ago, generates a thrilling jangle of furious polyrhythms and electronic grooves.
- A Jingle Jangle Christmas" at the Hult Center, "A Christmas Carol" at Actors Cabaret, "Fully Committed" at Lord Leebrick Theatre and Neil Simon's "Rumors" at Robinson Theatre.
The past summer is but a random jangle of sweet-tinged memories floating in the backwater ooze inside our craniums.
Now, sadly, this large brown bunting with a song said to resemble the jangle of a bunch of keys is considered extinct in Wales.
Simon Charlton admits his nerves are beginning to jangle at the prospect of playing in the Carling Cup final.
There are guitars, and someone has a tambourine, the exotic jangle of which gives the music a Semitic flavour; one imagines King David dancing and singing praises before the Ark of the Covenant.