jammed up

jam up

1. To clog or obstruct something. Ugh, who jammed up the printer this time?
2. To quickly move or push something upwards. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "up." Hey, be careful! If you jam those boxes up, you'll break something. I jammed the stick up a few times but couldn't get the ball out of the tree.
3. To cause something to clog or obstruct something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "up." Ugh, what jammed the printer up this time? Oh, some crumpled pieces of paper.
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jammed (up)

1. Very clogged, congested, or stuck. The freeway was totally jammed this morning. It took me nearly two hours to get to work! The rain gutters have gotten jammed up with all sorts of gunk. When was the last time you cleaned them?
2. Locked or stuck in an unworking position or condition. This mechanism keeps getting jammed up. Could you take a look at it? The dang printer is jammed again. What the heck is wrong with this thing?
3. Very busy or preoccupied. I'm sorry for not responding sooner, but I've been a bit jammed up at work recently. We've had an influx of applications this year, so our support team has been pretty jammed.
4. obsolete slang Drunk. It was clear by his staggered walk and slurred speech that the fellow was fairly jammed up.
5. obsolete slang In police custody; arrested. Didn't you hear? Jimmy the Heel got jammed last week. A copper nabbed him while he was looting cars.
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jammed up

1. and jammed mod. in trouble. (From in a jam.) He got himself jammed up with the law.
2. mod. glutted; full of food or drink. I’m jammed up. I can’t eat another bite.
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