jam (on) the brake(s)

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jam (on) the brake(s)

1. Literally, to quickly press on a vehicle's brakes to slow down or stop. He jammed on the brakes when he saw the child running into the street. You risk doing your car serious damage if you jam the brake without shifting down the gears.
2. By extension, to slow down or stop something one is doing. We had to jam on the brakes when we found out investors were pulling out of the company.
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jam on the ˈbrake(s)


jam the ˈbrake(s) on

make a vehicle stop very suddenly by operating the brakes with force: The car skidded as he jammed on the brakes.
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Some new cars go back and forth, and one of our shoppers says she almost got killed when she jammed on the brakes, because the speedometer on her rental Taurus said she was going 100.
One senior Garda said: "In addition to the state of the road surface and the fact it rained heavily an hour before, we are trying to establish if the driver jammed on the brakes which then locked.
Three tyres exploded on the Airbus jet - with 400 on board - after the pilot jammed on the brakes to abort the flight to Dublin.
The mother jammed on the brakes of her Ford Escort and a 32-ton lorry smashed into the back, crushing the six-month-old boy.