jam with

jam with (someone or something)

1. To clog, congest, or obstruct something with something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "with." Often used in passive constructions. Someone jammed the printer with the wrong kind of paper. The freeway has been jammed with cars for nearly two hours now.
2. To fill the entirety of some space or container with a large amount of things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "with." Often used in passive constructions. I don't understand why you jam your wardrobe with so many outfits. You barely wear most of them! The care package was jammed with all sorts of goodies from my parents.
3. To schedule many events, activities, performances, etc., to occur within a relatively short period of time. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "jam" and "with." Often used in passive constructions. The two-day festival is absolutely jammed with incredible musical acts. I really don't like to jam my vacations with too much sight-seeing. I prefer to relax and explore my destinations at my own leisure.
4. slang To play music with someone else, especially in an unrehearsed or improvised manner. I brought my guitar and started jamming with a couple of local musicians in the pub. He spent the afternoon jamming with us.
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jam something (up) with something

to clog something with something. Time had jammed the pipe up with rust. Time had jammed up the pipe with rust. Jam the hole with a cloth so nothing else will leak out.
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jam with someone

to play music in an improvised band with someone. Andy loves to jam with the other students. Let's set up a time when we can jam with the others.
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Food manufacturers prepare large batches of jam with special equipment that's unavailable to home cooks.
(Where else but at home could you find orange marmalade ice cream sundaes?) * Whisk overcooked jam with vinegar, mustard, and tomato sauce to make Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce (recipe on Page 17).
The introduction of soybean protein to pumpkin jam with sucrose had an insignificant impact on the colour, sweetness, texture, and overall acceptability but negatively impacted the flavour score.
A year later, Shanahan began hosting the jam with Holloway.
The private equity group impressed JAM with its professionalism and investment know-how.
When you see the prices people pay for conserve, you realise how much money you save by making jam with the fruit you got free from your garden or the local hedgerows.
"Our jams go all over the world now to the States, Germany and South Africa and last month we sent our first ever order to Japan because the customer has opened an English tea shop over there and is serving our jam with scones."