jam up

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jam up

1. To clog or obstruct something. Ugh, who jammed up the printer this time?
2. To quickly move or push something upwards. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "up." Hey, be careful! If you jam those boxes up, you'll break something. I jammed the stick up a few times but couldn't get the ball out of the tree.
3. To cause something to clog or obstruct something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "jam" and "up." Ugh, what jammed the printer up this time? Oh, some crumpled pieces of paper.
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jam something up something

to thrust something up something. She poked the broom handle up the chimney, hoping to force the bird to fly out. She jammed it up a few times, but it had no effect.
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jam something up

1. to clog up something; to impede or block the movement of or through something. Rachel jammed traffic up when her car stalled. All the leaves and branches jammed up the sewer.
2. Fig. to force something upwards in haste or anger. Who jammed the window up? Wally jammed up the window and nearly broke it.
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jam up

1. To become blocked, congested, or clogged: The traffic jammed up on the highway.
2. To cause something to become blocked, congested, or clogged: Some hair jammed the pipes up. You jammed up the drain with leftover food.
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jammed up

1. and jammed mod. in trouble. (From in a jam.) He got himself jammed up with the law.
2. mod. glutted; full of food or drink. I’m jammed up. I can’t eat another bite.
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To everyone's surprise, Jam Up's previous star performer and lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, made it back to Bahrain to support his fellow artist and friend DMC.
Organisers of Jam Up say they have been supported by the Faieq AlZayani Company.
"It's all part of Jam Up's objective of bringing Bahraini art and culture under one roof and showcasing it to international artists," said Jam Up organiser Jude D'Souza.
The thickness of the jig when loaded with components must fit easily between anode and cathode rails especially on automatic plants where expensive "jam ups" will occur if the jigs get slightly bent and were to touch the anode rails.