jam (on) the brake(s)

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jam (on) the brake(s)

1. Literally, to quickly press on a vehicle's brakes to slow down or stop. He jammed on the brakes when he saw the child running into the street. You risk doing your car serious damage if you jam the brake without shifting down the gears.
2. By extension, to slow down or stop something one is doing. We had to jam on the brakes when we found out investors were pulling out of the company.
See also: jam

jam on the ˈbrake(s)


jam the ˈbrake(s) on

make a vehicle stop very suddenly by operating the brakes with force: The car skidded as he jammed on the brakes.
See also: brake, jam, on
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On grass he needs to bend lower and crouch for the ball while also needing to jam the brakes on his relentless scrapping, jarring the joints even further.
On Thursday, he told reporters how important momentum was going into the World Cup, but his erroneous selection right at the very outset of the journey only served to jam the brakes into an apparently lock-tight position.
Now I'm a fan of Owen's, but perhaps the Owen in my head is the one of two or three seasons ago, before continued hamstring strains began to jam the brakes on his phenomenal pace.
Be careful not to jam the brakes, however, or you may lose control of the bike.