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Jackers is again in opposition this time, while fellow trailblazer Goring One provides further possible competition up front.
Session: Spy Jackers - Countering Persistent Threats
Noon police nabbed two alleged car jackers identified as Riaz and imtiaz and while a theif Basharat was also arrested.
In another case, Rana Nisar registered a case that as his Honda Civic car bearing registration number RIK4076 was taken away by unidentified car jackers from Saidpur Road.
One of the cars was discovered but a blue Audi A2, registration number FD02 UEW, is still missing after a house, in Jackers Road, was broken into on April 4 between 12.
RAWALPINDI -- Decision has been taken to install close circuit TV cameras on entry and exit points of Rawalpindi city to curb the incidents of car and motorcycle snatching and tightening noose around the car jackers and anti social elements.
I did, however, follow his advice and walked to Jackers Road to get the 704 to the Arena, a walk of about a mile - not the few hundred yards that he claims it is - and which took me 20 minutes.
The nursing home lost its bus after the driver surrendered it to car jackers.
However, I assume the people now passing his house are walking the few hundred yards to Jackers Road for the 6A which runs every 20 minutes (an improvement) and not the two miles to town.
He said strict vigilance is being maintained against the car jackers and their routes are being identified.
Two areas that have lost out, Lentons Lane and Henley Road, have frequent services nearby; Jackers Road and Ringwood Highway for the former and Wyken Croft, Deedmore Road and Woodway Lane for the latter.