jack up

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jack up

1. To increase sharply. Please stop jacking up the volume on the TV. I can barely hear myself think.
2. To raise something through the use of a jack, a simple machine used to lift things. We'll need to jack up the car before we can change this tire.
3. To stimulate, excite, or motivate, often but not always through the use of drugs. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is sometimes used between "jack" and "up." By the way he was flitting around, you could tell the guy was jacked up on something. This soundtrack jacks me up so much when I'm working out.
4. To inflict damage upon, physically or otherwise. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is sometimes used between "jack" and "up." Yikes, that car wash really jacked up your car's exterior. I'm not going to lie, that horror movie jacked me up for weeks.
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jack someone up

1. Sl. to excite or stimulate someone, possibly with drugs. Tom jacked up his buddy by talking to him. Tom jacked up Fred with a lot of encouragement.
2. Sl. to motivate someone; to stimulate someone to do something. The mail is late again today. We'll have to jack those people up at the post office. I guess I'll have to jack up the carpenter again to repair my stairs.
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jack something up

1. Lit. to raise something up on a mechanical lifting device. Now I have to jack the car up, so I can change the tire. Please jack up the car.
2. Fig. to raise the price of something. The store keeps jacking prices up. The grocery store jacked up the prices again last night.
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jack up

Raise or increase, as in The cartel is jacking up oil prices again. This term alludes to the literal meaning of jack up, that is, "hoist with a jack." [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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jack up

1. To lift something, especially a vehicle, using a jack: We jacked up the car to change the tire. I hurt my arm when I jacked the van up.
2. To raise some price or value by increments: Because of the drought, the stores jacked up the price of lettuce. That candidate is going to jack taxes up after the election.
3. To stimulate someone with or as if with a drug: My friend jacked me up on caffeine the night before exams. The coach jacked up the team with a pep talk before the game.
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jacked up

1. and jacked mod. excited. I was so jacked I almost passed out. Don was really jacked up about the election.
2. mod. arrested. (Underworld.) What time did Sam get himself jacked up?
3. mod. upset; stressed. I was really jacked up by the bad news.
4. mod. high on drugs. He’s jacked up, and he may have ODed.
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Besides the newbuild jack ups, our shipyard in Qatar, Nakilat-Keppel O&M, is also supporting GDI with the construction of a liftboat and the repair and maintenance of their rig fleet, said Keppel O&M and Keppel FELS managing director Wong Kok Seng.
Ken had had a couple of beers and as Pele walked in, Kenny stood straight up with his 'jack ups' on and said (in a thick Yorkshire accent): 'Oi Pele...
Seajacks chief executive Blair Ainslie said: This set up of installing monopiles and TPs from separate installation jack ups was very successful on Blackstone s 288MW Meerwind project and I am sure it will be the same here.
According to Buamim, the substructure and top side were built at Drydocks World's custom made new building facilities suitable for all types of rigs and offshore structures such as jack ups, semi-submersibles and floating production units.
Three of Saudi Aramco's jack ups are at Asry; ARB 1 is in for leg guide repairs, while ARB 2 and Arabiyah 3 are both undergoing five-year surveys.
The Offshore Jack Ups Middle East 2014 conference brought together industry leaders to address issues correlated to potential opportunities, performance optimization and future prospects and direction within the offshore rig industry.