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jabber about someone or something

1. to talk or chat very informally about someone or something. Who are they jabbering about? Those kids are jabbering about school again.
2. to talk unintelligibly about someone or something. Is she jabbering about whatever comes to mind? She is jabbering about something, but we can't understand her.
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jabber away

To talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly: The friends jabbered away for hours.
See also: away, jabber


1. n. mindless chatter. I’ve heard enough of your jabber.
2. in. to chatter. Come over and we’ll jabber about things over coffee.
3. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) These scars show that the victim was a jabber.
References in classic literature ?
At sight of the white men they halted in relief, pointing back in the direction they had come, and jabbering excitedly in their native tongue.
cried the girl, and at the same moment the Alus came jabbering toward us.
Disconcerted, he went back into the cabin, to hold a council, apparently, from the way the jabbering broke forth.
At this the hatchet-men set up a great jabbering with much laughter, loud and boisterous.
Just sat in- doors jabbering with Paloma and helping with the chores.
As the creature approached him, jabbering in a most discomposing manner, Smith (unaware that he was being addressed as 'gracious lord,' and ad- jured in God's name to afford food and shelter) kept on speaking firmly but gently to it, and re- treating all the time into the other yard.
But his constant jabbering not only annoyed Tarzan, who worked in silence, but suggested that later the black might raise his voice in cries for succor, so he stepped out of the cage, gathered a handful of grass and a small stick and returning, jammed the grass into Rabba Kega's mouth, laid the stick crosswise between his teeth and fastened it there with the thong from Rabba Kega's loin cloth.