jabber about

jabber about (someone or something)

1. To talk about someone or something in a rapid, babbling, or indecipherable manner. Once those two start jabbering about basketball, I hardly understand a thing they're saying.
2. To chat casually about someone or something. Oh, we're just jabbering about the weather—come on in.
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jabber about someone or something

1. to talk or chat very informally about someone or something. Who are they jabbering about? Those kids are jabbering about school again.
2. to talk unintelligibly about someone or something. Is she jabbering about whatever comes to mind? She is jabbering about something, but we can't understand her.
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But if all that jabber about Trojans and DoS attacks leaves you baffled, Defeating the Hacker might be a worthwhile investment.
If politicians could quit the relentless jabber about introducing mandatory measures, even more people would be willing to save up for their own retirement," HK/Privat chairwoman Karin Retvig told the Danish news agency Ritzau.