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jab at someone or something

to poke or punch at someone or something. Tom jabbed at Fred. Don't jab at the cat!
See also: jab

jab someone in something

to poke someone in a particular location on the body. Fred jabbed Tom in the side. He jabbed himself in the hand.
See also: jab

jab someone with something

to poke or stick someone with something. He jabbed Henry with the rake handle on purpose. The mugger jabbed the victim with a knife.
See also: jab

jab something at someone or something

to poke someone or something with something. Tom jabbed the stick at the dog. I jabbed my fist at Walter.
See also: jab

jab something into something

 and jab something in
to stab something into something. Billy jabbed his spoon into the gelatin. He jabbed in his spoon. He jabbed it in.
See also: jab

jab something out

to thrust something out. Molly jabbed her fist out suddenly. She jabbed out her fist.
See also: jab, out

take a dig at someone

 and take a jab at someone; take digs at someone
Fig. to insult or pester someone. Why did you take a jab at Sam? You're always taking digs at people who think they're your friends. Jane is always taking digs at Bob, but she never really means any harm.
See also: dig, take

take a jab at someone

 and take a punch at someone 
1. to hit at someone; to poke someone. Max took a jab at Lefty and missed. Lefty took a punch at Max.
2. Go to take a dig at someone.
See also: jab, take

big jab

n. a lethal injection used to carry out a death sentence. (Journalistic.) Nearly 59 prisoners got the big jab in Texas this year.
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jab pop

in. to inject (drugs). (Drugs.) Jab popping is a ticket to cement city.
See also: jab, pop

take a dig at someone

and take a jab at someone
tv. to insult or needle someone. You’re always taking digs at people who think they’re your friends. Jed took a jab at Tom about the way he was driving.
See also: dig, take

take a jab at someone

See also: jab, take
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Following a quick consultation in the private consultation room, and the completion of a questionnaire, the pharmacist will find out if the jab is suitable for you, which will then be administered.
As the country's largest wireless internet service provider, JAB Broadband provides rural and suburban customers with residential and commercial coverage delivered by five brands C Digis, Prairie iNet, Skybeam, Rhino Communications and T6.
The flu jab is completely safe, and it can't give you flu.
Then in Northumberland, 94%of children aged two to 15 received their first MMR jab and 88% received the second MMR jab.
For NHS staff the target is 50%, and last year 38% received their jabs - again the best in Wales.
The campaign comes as latest figures reveal that half of all pregnant women with an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, asthma or other heart and lung illnesses, have still to get the jab.
Sandra Robinson-Clark Assistant Head of Nursing,Surgery (west) Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board with her Flu Jab
Why won't the normal flu jab be enough to protect me?
Some experts had also been calling for boys to get the jab.
Most of the damage was done by left jabs and straight right hands to the head, with a left hook mixed in now and then.
SCOTS doctors will meet tomorrow to discuss the controversial new five-inone jab.
The 40,000-square-foot property was acquired by JAB Development from Island Medical Realty.
SHOPPERS yesterday got the chance to buy a low-cost flu jab with their groceries as supermarket chain ASDA sent a team of nurses into its stores.
Doctors found that his tumour was infected with the polio jab SV40 monkey virus.