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like an owl in an ivy bush

With a vacant stare, often due to drunkenness. Ivy bushes were thought to be enjoyed by both owls and Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Whenever Rob drinks, he eventually looks like an owl in an ivy bush, gazing off into the distance at nothing.
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Ivy League

1. noun The collective name for the group of eight prestigious universities located in the Northeastern US, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Meredith really wants to go to a school in the Ivy League, but I doubt she has good enough grades.
2. adjective Referring to those universities. Meredith really wants to go to an Ivy League school, but I doubt she has good enough grades.
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Ivy League

A preppy clothing style. Named for the athletic federation of Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale, “Ivy League” described a 1950s and '60s men's fashion: pants with no pleats and a buckle in the rear. The buckle could be used to expand or shorten the waist fit, although it was primarily for adornment. There were also British-influence narrow-brim caps that had a buckle in the back. Why “Ivy League”? The schools were considered (at least by some) to be sophisticated, elite, and thus worthy of emulation, an attitude that their students did little to disabuse.
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But after consuming poison, Ivy is no longer funny and zany.
In this adventure Ivy rushes to rescue her best friend, Rebecca, who is being held a prisoner in Prospa.
As part of the agreement, Citizens Bank will also be an official partner of the Ivy League Men's and Women's Lacrosse Tournaments that will be contested during the weekend of May 5.
We started serving and playing the left, and then we started controlling the rallies," Ivy said.
Senior carer Emma Bryan, 29, was jailed for four months and Katherine Wallis, 45, was given a 12-month community order at Leeds crown court after both admitted mistreating Ivy.
Only 28 of every 100 students Ivy Tech enrolls earn a degree or transfer to a four-year school.
Ivy Exec is a highly selective community for top professionals that provides career building and job seeking resources - from mentorship with industry veterans, to personalized search advisory services, hand picked jobs, and more.
The herbicide Round-Up is the agent of choice for poison ivy control.
Noxiously invasive ivy starts out as a ground cover, too often planted as an ornamental,.
If a tree is rotten, the weight of a mature ivy could be the last straw, but a healthy tree has nothing to fear from its close TRUTHS John encounter with Hedera helix.
IF you ever thought that the garden went into complete hibernation over winter, you should watch the gradual and inevitable fattening and ripening of ivy berries (Hedera species) from their pollination in September and October to the final and manic feast by blackbirds in late January and early February.
SigmaKalon and Shanghai IVY have formed a joint venture which will sell decorative coatings in the Chinese market.
Ivy has told no one, not even hinted, but she wonders how many of the teachers and students know she doesn't belong here, or wonder at least.
Warburg Marketing Group, a division of Warburg Realty Partnership, has announced the opening of the sales office and fully-furnished model apartment at The Ivy Condominiums, the long-anticipated East Harlem development that was wrapped during its construction.