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like an owl in an ivy bush

With a vacant stare, often due to drunkenness. Ivy bushes were thought to be enjoyed by both owls and Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Whenever Rob drinks, he eventually looks like an owl in an ivy bush, gazing off into the distance at nothing.
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Ivy League

1. noun The collective name for the group of eight prestigious universities located in the Northeastern US, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Meredith really wants to go to a school in the Ivy League, but I doubt she has good enough grades.
2. adjective Referring to those universities. Meredith really wants to go to an Ivy League school, but I doubt she has good enough grades.
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Ivy League

A preppy clothing style. Named for the athletic federation of Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale, “Ivy League” described a 1950s and '60s men's fashion: pants with no pleats and a buckle in the rear. The buckle could be used to expand or shorten the waist fit, although it was primarily for adornment. There were also British-influence narrow-brim caps that had a buckle in the back. Why “Ivy League”? The schools were considered (at least by some) to be sophisticated, elite, and thus worthy of emulation, an attitude that their students did little to disabuse.
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Led by researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Swedish Neuroscience Institute and funded with a grant from The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation, Ivy GAP includes detailed information about genes expressed in the various anatomical regions of glioblastoma and important data about the presumed initial cancer stem cells that lead to tumor formation.
When the couple watched the footage, they were horrified to see Ivy being hit, shaken, sworn at and dragged across the floor by two female carers.
But Kenley said he isn't certain Ivy Tech should start increasing its enrollment again before it figures out how to get more of its students to graduate.
Ivy Exec combines the personalized, human touch with advanced job search technology to foster a community where leaders help leaders achieve career goals.
Ivy, who was born in the Newport area of Middlesbrough to parents Ann and Edgar but later moved to Billingham, said she had "no idea" what the secret to such a long life was, but that she had enjoyed the celebrations for her birthday on Saturday, May 26.
Poison oak is almost identical to poison ivy in shape and form.
that's good for the ivy but sometimes bad for the bird,.
When a tree is toppled by wind it is easy to blame the ivy wrapped round its trunk, though research has found the relationship to be more symbiotic than adversarial.
For Ivy turned 100 on December 8 - and prepared for her celebrations with a pampering trip to the hairdresser who has styled her locks for 53 years.
Although most gardeners grow ivy for ground cover, dressing up winter containers and occasional wall cover, the ivy, in all its scores of foliage variations, has this delightful winter surprise up its sleeve that makes it an excellent winter garden plant.
IVY has contributed its coatings business, run by Shanghai IVY Chemical Co.
The Ivy Condominium is located at the northwest corner of 118th Street and Second Avenue.
A new study suggests that rising levels of the gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could make poison ivy grow faster and become more toxic.
Whatever troubles climate change might bring to the world's other species, rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be the best thing yet for poison ivy.